Medieval Knight Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is so exciting especially if it is for a best friend. Our friend Kathrine is already 9 months pregnant as of this November so it is THE if not almost time to deliver the baby!  I can’t even believe why we were still preparing for a baby shower and not for her delivery, my god!

The inspiration for this Medieval knight baby shower came from the name of Queen Kathrine’s son-to-be Kingsley.  Love the sound of that name!  I am an avid believer that a person’s name do somehow shapes a person’s personality.    And with that name I’m pretty sure this baby will be very brave and adventurous.

So of course, any amazing event has to start off with an amazing invitation.

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Discover what life was like living in a castle garden.  Check out our Medieval banquet. As you can see, purple, silver and gold is the color of the day.

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There’s our gorgeous and very pregnant Queen Kathrine holding her one-layer chocolate cake topped with a dragon protecting a baby king.

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Below is another cake — 3D mouse and cheese.   We also served roasted chickens with vegetables and all sorts of desserts.  At lower right, we printed out and enlarged an ultra-sound photo of the future King and framed it.

Baking Big Ideas

Chocolate cream puffs, pies, cupcakes and etc.

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Swords in the stone.

artistic milestones

Simple yet very refreshing party theme and I believe this historical theme will also be perfect for both kids and adult birthdays.  So if you’re ready to step back into history you may contact us at Baking Big Ideas for inquiries.

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Fare thee well, My Goodman.


Repeat the past: Great Gatsby Party

I attended a Great Gatsby event yesterday and got to party like a 1920s millionaire, thanks to my grandma in law who just turned 86 and my cousin who just turned 20.


My 86 year old grandma in law can really dance is beyond AH-MAZING !!!

You know I don’t normally get stressed out worried while making a cake but these cakes have given me a nightmare.

It all started in a fabric store where I was purchasing some feathers for the Gatsby cakes I was planning. I met a very funny gay guy who’s very helpful in giving me tips on how to dress up my cakes and myself. She said and I quote “missy you need to wear something vintage and glamorous, you’re bringing gold cakes for gods sake. Do you want to look like from “Back to the Future” movie”

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She was not the only one who told me to dress the occasion, my two sisters urged me as well. And in my book, when you get the same warning from at least 3 person that means you gotta do something.  So when I got home I googled looking for fashion inspiration. I got worried because the party is a week from then and I do not have the time to shop.

That night I had a nightmare exactly about what that Gay said. At the party I was from the “Back to the future”. It was in short an embarrassing nightmare, one that I shan’t risk making in real life.

So the following day instead of shopping I went to visit my fashionista sister and as always she has a solution to my fashion problem.

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Here I was all clean and pampered, with pearly clip on my short curls, some accessories, a sophisticated beaded art deco dress and a 3 inch heels, ready to step back in time and dance the night away! (photo above ) Thanx to my sister M.

great gatsby party

The roaring 20s is a very dramatic era. And it was especially true for the ladies because ladies fashion back then were sophisticated, flirty, glamorous and with a sense of rebelliousness. Men wear Ralph Lauren inspired neutral colored suits, but the ladies fashion was a different story. I think that the best way to describe it is “Extreme.” They wear an angry mix of laces, feathers, pearls, diamonds and fringes all at the same time yet surprisingly complementing one another. Aside from that, they wear thick make up, dangling earrings, sparkly hair accessories and short hair was apparently very stylish. And if you personally know me you can just imagine how much stressful it is for me trying to get The Look but I have to admit I love it. I mean what girl wouldn’t want to be draped in jewelries? Hello!?

Baking Big IdeasTook me longer than usual to plan this cake. I like to incorporate most of the elements I saw in the Great Gatsby movie with a color scheme of black, white and gold. To make the cake roar like the 20s era, I added plenty of feathers, real ones and painted ones, some diamonds, fish net, pearls, and bold geometric patterns.

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Now to the fun part. No Gatsby party will be complete without fresh and live entertainment from the celebrant and the audience!

great gatsby dance

This family loves to dance so its no wonder why they chose to recreate the 1920s party.  That year was also known as the Jazz era, when new and upbeat jazz music coupled with exuberant and energetic dance moves became very popular.   You know perhaps the whole purpose of the fringy flapper dresses were to show of those legs!  Click on the video at the top page to see plus more photos from the roaring 20s.

After one party in the house of Gatsby I can truly say that 1920s is truly an exciting era that will never be forgotten. But I was exhausted. Ready to ride our little time machine and travel back to year 2014.

Gatsby Party

Till then see you later old sport! and P.S. if you’re planning a Great Gatsby Party don’t forget to bling it on with a Gold Cake!

Death In the Mirror

Halloween is near! Oh my! And it seems that it came a few days early for me.  Last night I received an anonymous phone call, a hoarse sounding voice told me and I quote

“ Shhhh…listen carefully.  You’d better beware, The most antique mirror had gone missing last night from Dr. Creepinstein’s old mansion.  The mirror was made by Dr. Creepinstein herself, from one of the rarest most precious metal, Iridium, and a bright red diamond was attached on it, known as the Heart of death… “  You may watch the short video above about how she made them.  Good Luck.

Baking Big Ideas, Artistic Milestones

Butter and sugar and everything dark that’s what these cupcakes are made of.

baking big ideas, artistic milestones

I’m not a big fan of horrible things but Halloween is near! And it is the best time to make a cake look creepy so from cute pumpkins to cute witches and ghosts I decided that ghoulish cupcakes are the way to go for a real Halloween feel.

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Haunted mirrors seems to pop up frequently in horror movies and I have to admit, no matter how many times I’ve “practiced” watching them I still get frightened when I look into the mirror after watching these things.  Especially when I need to wash my face before bedtime, I swear I can even hear the eerie sound effects in the movies, Ugh! I hate that.

Baking big ideas, artistic milestones

And so, should I say, “ to put the fun in the horror” I made these interesting little cupcakes.  These are actually very moist and nutty Carrot Cupcakes.  I have already killed two zombies before taking most of these pictures.

Baking Big Ideas, artistic milestones

Freaky, delicious and entirely edible so EAT IT IF YOU DARE ! Mwahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha h h h ahem, sorry, got carried away.

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Hope you guys enjoyed this.  You may order these over at Baking Big Ideas.  (That’s right, Artistic Milestone Cakes is moving to a new location, please follow Baking Big Ideas on facebook for a super fun Halloween Party! )

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Antique Machines

1949 Merchant FiguremasterFound this old fashion electromechanical digital calculator at my mom’s house which used to belong to her mom.  It’s called the 1949 Merchant Figuremaster.  Grandma used this one during the 1950s while running her family business.  According to her, this was fast, accurate and dependable.

calcutator oldWhile researching about this I came across this ad on ebay. ( you may click on the image on the left to go to the source on ebay ) They call this the Merchant Figuremaster calculator “Heaven on Earth.”  Not according to it’s weight definitely,  I tried carrying this and it is so much heavier than the heaviest laptop.  This perhaps culminates in the line of mechanical calculator evolution that started in the early 1900s. It could add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers at the touch of a button.

I’m guessing this one is a newer version, perhaps in the 1950s since it looks less complicated since it has fewer buttons.  I still have not found a single source online about this but will update when I do.

antique adding machine

An antique Singer brand sewing machine is still existing at our home.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
My husband’s grandma (the owner ) is turning 91 this year and she’s still using this.

Artistic milestone

This last one originally belongs to my husband 30yrs ago.  A Matchbox brand antique toy phone.

Abigail Lu