You and I on Valentines

Husband and I had a failed Valentine plan yesterday.   We got home at exactly 8:30pm, still hungry and tired from work and looking for a nice place to have dinner, but it was extremely traffic, malls crowded and restaurant lines were crazy long…but I wasn’t upset at all for there are many more days we can celebrate Valentines day, today, tomorrow and everyday.   I read the daily prompt – Cupid’s Arrow last night and thought I’ll join in.  Twas nice to reminisce all the memorable Valentine times we had.  Hope you’ll enjoy this.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 7.03.12 AM

Twas Valentine’s day when you kidnapped my heart.
A sweet little kiss for our love story to start
Twas Valentine’s Day when you first brought me a rose.
Blue roses are my favorite so that’s what you chose.
Twas Valentine’s Day when we took our first photo.
The mall’s photo booth was cheap and pronto
Twas Valentine’s Day when you asked me about my ex.
I thought that was weird and a topic too complex

Twas Valentine’s Eve when you recited a poem.
I was love-smitten all night long.
Twas Valentine’s Eve when you played your saxophone.
That was really sweet! Impressed with your tone.
Twas Valentine’s Eve when we had a candle lit dinner.
We had turkey and oysters but the cake’s the winner
Twas Valentine’s Eve when we swore our love
You and I, Forever in Love.

© 2013 Artistic Milestone.  All rights reserved.