You and I on Valentines

Husband and I had a failed Valentine plan yesterday.   We got home at exactly 8:30pm, still hungry and tired from work and looking for a nice place to have dinner, but it was extremely traffic, malls crowded and restaurant lines were crazy long…but I wasn’t upset at all for there are many more days we can celebrate Valentines day, today, tomorrow and everyday.   I read the daily prompt – Cupid’s Arrow last night and thought I’ll join in.  Twas nice to reminisce all the memorable Valentine times we had.  Hope you’ll enjoy this.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 7.03.12 AM

Twas Valentine’s day when you kidnapped my heart.
A sweet little kiss for our love story to start
Twas Valentine’s Day when you first brought me a rose.
Blue roses are my favorite so that’s what you chose.
Twas Valentine’s Day when we took our first photo.
The mall’s photo booth was cheap and pronto
Twas Valentine’s Day when you asked me about my ex.
I thought that was weird and a topic too complex

Twas Valentine’s Eve when you recited a poem.
I was love-smitten all night long.
Twas Valentine’s Eve when you played your saxophone.
That was really sweet! Impressed with your tone.
Twas Valentine’s Eve when we had a candle lit dinner.
We had turkey and oysters but the cake’s the winner
Twas Valentine’s Eve when we swore our love
You and I, Forever in Love.

© 2013 Artistic Milestone.  All rights reserved.

The Gingerman Baker

Gingerbread cookies get a lot of focus during Christmas holidays.  They’re my favorite Christmas snack next to biscotti.  Baking and decorating them got me into the Merry mood so I made a Christmas poem dedicated to all Gingerman bakers out there, here goes.


Ho Ho Ho !

I’m the Gingerman maker

A one proud baker

My creativity is expressed in my creations

Their not just classic flavors and presentations

Gingerbread man

Bake them crispy instead of chewy so you can use them as Christmas tree ornaments !

Each of my gingerman is different

So yummy and carefully decorated

They can even be used as ornaments

that will perhaps earn me some complements

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 7.40.56 PM

Decorate with theme and style !

Planning how to decorate is of utmost importance;

To prevent your gingerman from looking like a clown for instance.

You have to know what’s just right and what’s over the top,

When to use more sweets and when to stop.

Charles Lu

Made sad looking Gingerman…and angry ones too

Creating them requires an enormous amount of patience

for over rushing doesn’t do justice to the ingredients

The rule is to take them out (of the oven) before they brown

Otherwise Mr. Gingerman might just frown.

Artistic Milestone 1

Everyone love Icings !

 share my secret?

There’s nothing really

Variety is vital

But balance is the key

Abigail Lu

Store them in a Christmasy cookie jar for your family 🙂

It’s totally exhausting, but oh, so much fun!

For the whole point should always be a good time for everyone.

So go bake these cookies at this time of the year

for Mr. Gingerman is just one of the things to make a Christmas cheer.

Christmas Gingerman

Wrap em up! Christmas treats for family, friends and carolers ! ( about 5-6 cookies per person is enough )

I make gingerbread cookies almost every year and everyone loves them. So if you think that you’re an exception that means you’ve not tasted a real gingerbread cookie.  There are a lot of gingerman wannabes out there, some don’t even contain ginger, some are just plain sugar or chocolate cookies, and the worst are the ones that taste like wet cardboard, ugh! I dare you to try my recipe and make the best gingerbread cookies you’ve ever tasted. Good Luck home bakers !


© 2012 by Abigail C. Lu / Artistic Milestone

Love The Snow

Falling snow
Drifting slow
Temperature plunging far below

Paint them white
The world’s a sight
From evergreen to ‘everwhite’

I then lay down
in the snowy ground
making snow angel in a gown

Love the cold breeze
they make me wheeze
things that make me want to sneeze

It’s getting late, I must go
Never mind, for I love the snow
I’ll stay out here, with my hot cocoa

Snow on snow on, the snow must stay
go on go on, don’t go away
For my only wish is to have a white Christmas day.