Trixie and I

Daily Prompt __ Menagerie 

Do you have animals in your life? If yes what do they mean to you.  If no why have you opted not to?

I’m an animal loving gal but I don’t wanna own any because I’m already too busy and not rich enough to take care of an orangutan, a horse, an owl and a tiger.  ( I got tired of dogs lol 🙂 ) I used to own and love two mini pincher dogs when I was little, they died of old age after 8 years or so and I never wanted to replace them ever since.  I’ve grown up and didn’t want the added responsibility of taking best care of them.

We were at the Ark Avilon mini zoo last Sunday.  Below are some pictures of me with Trixie the friendliest prettiest Orangutan I’ve ever encountered.  She kept smiling for the camera and would even kiss you willingly if you tell her to.

IMG_1057Her hands are surprisingly soft.

She wanted to do a high five lol 🙂

According to my mom-in-law, this mini zoo started as a hobby of an animal lover couple who just loves to buy and collect animals.  I love this zoo as it is very interactive and educational especially to kids.

Lost in the Details

As an artist, I’m attracted to details. To me, the beauty is in the details, they are the very source of expression in art.  

Hillside playground

It was a cool sunny morning, the playground is always the first place she wants to visit…


… lurking within

artistic milestone

Then I spotted Mr. Ichiban the itchy caterpillar (aka. Painted Pine Moth ) crossing the bridge …

Artistic milestone

I zoomed in to take a closer look.  “You dare touch me?” asked Mr. Ichiban

Something plain and ordinary can be so beautiful and unique in its details.


Weekly Photo Challenge : LOVE


A picture of my grandma so happy at the church on my wedding day. This photo for me is all about love.  Before grandma died, she suffered from Diabetes, Alzheimer and Heart attack; diseases full of loss and pain.  As every year progresses, she loses more and more memory, sight and hearing. She forgets who my sisters were, my cousins, she forgets how to close the jar of jam, she forgets how to use the phone, she forgets a lot of people and her relationship with them.  Yet even with a dying heart and failing mind, she never forgets to give love and she never forgets me.  Among her 21 grandchildren, I grew up being the closest to her, hence I was the one that noticed first hand how her diseases were progressing and it’s so hard for me.  I would often sit very close next to her holding one of her hands as I talk to her, I talk to her about anything as I try to maintain my connection with her senile mind. I remind her to take a walk after meal, we talk about my work, my siblings, my boyfriend, my parents, what she ate at the mall last weekend, I often show her my artworks, and talk about her garden because she’s a big nature fan.  She always tells me she loves me, she tells me to pray, she tells me to eat more, she tells me to visit her often, etc.

Weeks before my wedding day I went up to her and gave her my wedding invitation and told her that it’s perfectly fine with me if she couldn’t come at my wedding because she’s too weak and had a hard time walking.   She told me “ of course I have to go because it’s your wedding. You’re my favorite.”   Sounds cheesy but that’s really how she talks, direct and sincere.  She attended the wedding mass at church the whole morning and the wedding reception at the hotel the whole night.   I’m so very much grateful for that and so very much grateful for having her in my life.

Here are some other images of LOVE that I LOVE :


Often times our pet knows more about love than we do. Agree?

sister and cousin in hammock

An old picture of my sister and cousin loving each other like two peas in a pod.

mao's birthday

Love is : Spending my whole morning in the kitchen to surprise someone on their Birthday…

Love this Cake!

Love is : I can’t get enough of you.

© 2013 Abigail Lu / Artistic Milestone

Weekly Photo Challenge — Delicate

I think that all children are vulnerable, meek, fragile, and delicate especially when they have flowers on their head 🙂

left photo : my niece wearing fresh flowers from the garden.   Middle photo : my daughter at 6 months wearing the headband I sewed.  Right Photo: my daughter at 3 months wearing a hat I crocheted.

left photo : my niece wearing fresh flowers from the garden. Middle photo : my daughter at 6 months wearing the headband I sewed. Right Photo: my daughter at 3 months wearing a hat I crocheted.

© 2012 Abigail C. Lu / Artistic Milestone