Watercolor Art

Our lil’ Bug was sick last week for 3 days, she slept a lot and did’t really eat anything.  I had to stay home with her on the third day and we did some watercolor painting in the afternoon.  Our background music was Whistle While You Work, quite effective in cheering up our mood 🙂

Here's the work of my little aspiring artist.

Here’s the work of my little aspiring artist.

Artistic Milestones

… And here’s mine

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Tree Trunk

I’m pleased to say that I’ve recently finished a pencil drawing of a tree, quite similar to the tree I’ve painted looooong time ago.  I wrote a short post about it right HERE.  I don’t even know what kind of tree is this but I just love it so much because of the intricate twist and turns of its trunk.

Abigail Chuahiock Lu

It’s actually been eons ago since I last sat down with a blank piece of paper to sketch something. All my drawing had been on adobe programs these days. So just last weekend, for the first time in a long time, I sat down and held the old #1 pencil to draw again, my first medium, my first love, it was like visiting my childhood memories. I had so many sketchbooks, crayons, watercolors…(art stuff) back then. I use to sit down in my drawing table for hours and just sketch, let my mind wander to neverland and time just disappear. I’ve been scribbling away since the age of 9, I mostly drew animals, nature, cartoons and fairies back then. I’ll have to remember to look for it…
Hope you guys enjoy this.

Secret Garden- Painting

I painted this when I was only 17 years old.  I entitled this Ama’s Secret Garden.  (Btw, Ama is the Chinese term for grandma.) I chose this title because I love my Ama so much and the Secret Garden was her favorite music.  When I asked her what she wanted me to paint she said she wanted a colorful garden so this is what I came up with.  She passed away February 1st last year.  My heart still feels heavy at times whenever I see this painting because it reminds me of her face, her voice and the guilt I feel since I never had the chance to say the right goodbye.