Summer Fruit Arts

Phew! Summer is finally over and it’s been raining almost every afternoon and I love love love it because it’s not so hot anymore.  I can’t believe our Summer temperature could reach up to 41 degrees celcius! My little chef suffered some mild heat rash all over her back but she’s fine now.   Perhaps the only thing I love about Summer are the exotic fruits that comes with it.

Here are a few fruit art photos I have made last month.

Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 4.25.31 PM

Road Trip : Banana and strawberry for the car. Raisin and pasta for the person. Avocado for the mountain. banana and strawberry tops for the tree and plants.

Something to look forward to during Summer is strawberry season, father-in-law brought home lots and lots of this sweet red juicy fruits home all the way from Baguio.

hot air balloon food art

Hot Air Balloon : Strawberries, mangoes, bananas, bread, raisins and cheese.

Every Filipino knows that strawberries from Baguio are the best.  They are so hard to resist so I had them almost everyday.  Aside from fresh strawberries, he also brought home Good Shepherd’s strawberry jam and ube jam (purple yam jam).  YUM!

Robot Food Art

Robot with strawberry heart , Avocado and cheese for the head, bread with peanut butter for the body, raisin eyes, egg and raisin wheels, and strawberry hands.

It’s also mango and avocado season and as usual we got a huge sack of super sweet tasting mangoes from our cousins who owns a big farm.  The sight of this always makes me nostalgic as I recall my childhood days when my grandmother used to ran the farm.  We only have two big mango trees and it can produce huge sacks of mangoes every Summer and I remember my mango-addicted-mom would eat several of these like there’s no tomorrow.  Then she would later regret eating that many.

Philippine Flag fruit art

Philippine Flag : mangoes, ube jam (purple yam jam ), strawberries and strawberry jam, bread.

My hubby called me a fruit fly because I ate fruits for dessert and snacks during Summer when the fruits were in their juiciest and sweetest state.

fruit art

Cat :   Peanut butter sandwich with strawberries for the fish. Purple yam jam for the bubbles.  Bread, strawberry, raisins, banana, peanut butter and cheese for the Cat.

I usually make food art when I wake up a little too early and everyone else is still sleeping and I have the kitchen all to myself.  I feel more relax and creative.

pet turtle

Girl and Turtle Love : Girl – rice, curry sauce, egg with tomato, onion, and bittergourd. Turtle – Rice and kiwi.

P.S.  when you got some time to spare, try making fruit art to brighten yours or someone else’s day 🙂

Easter Egg Hunting and Animal Food Arts

This year’s Holy Week hubby and I just wanted to stay at home and relax.  I’m tired, hubby just got back from a business trip and lil’ Celeste has a bad cough. If you know me, you’ll know that whenever I’m at home relaxing, my mind automatically thinks of something to do in the kitchen.  So here are some few nice things I had whipped up.

Pancake Snake for breakfast  — This is really easy to make, just put the pancake batter in a large syringe and swirl it onto the hot pan.  Pretty cool huh?

artistic milestones

And here’s a super adorable one, I called them “Buttery Little Pups.”  These are actually dinner rolls but more buttery.  I will be posting the recipe and instructions next.

artistic milestones

Besides spending time in the kitchen, last Thursday my sisters urged me to organize an Easter Egg hunt which I think is a great idea.  Except for the part where I will be the one organizing, but since they said “you won’t be paying for any stuff if you did all the ” hard work” (they know I HATE shopping ).”  I agreed.  So I went to a nearby mall and bought 105  pcs of plastic eggs and little toys and trinkets to fill them up for the Easter Egg hunt.  baking big ideas

I also bought 5 giant eggs  and 5 golden eggs for the 5 kids who will be attending and filled it up with bigger toys and candies which made them go even crazier.

artistic milestones

It was so fun to look at them running around the garden looking for the eggs.  Talk about eggs, hubby brought home Frozen disney chocolate egg surprises.  They come with little neat figures of Frozen characters inside.

artistic milestones

Well that’s it.  What did you do this Holy Week? 🙂

Healthy Food Arts __ Part 3

Been doing food art  or food arrangements for my kid every now and then or whenever I find some time on weekends.  I just love seeing her face lit up every time she sees her meal.  These are just very simple foods and food arrangements that you can very easily do at home.

1.  Sunday Church
Ingredients : The Sun is made of sliced bananas, the cross is made of raisins, the roof is a slice of watermelon, the bricks are peanut butter and jelly.
Church food art

2.  Sunshine
Ingredients : Spaghetti and Green beans.

3. Octopus
Ingredients : French Toast, orange, raisin eyes and banana mouth.

Octopus Food art

4. Lizards
Ingredients : The Lizards are made of pancakes, bananas and raisins for eyes, peanut butter for the pattern.  I added a tiny bit of water in my peanut butter to make it just a tiny bit less sticky to easily do the pattern.

Lizard Food Art / artistic milestones

For more Edible arts, click on my past posts below :

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Really Tasty Food Art _ You Art What You Eat ( part 2 )

My daughter have regained her healthy appetite 100% but I still continued decorating her food ones in a while just to make her happy.  I had fun too !  These are all very simple food arrangements without any need of special equipments. You may Click HERE for Part 1.

1.  Fried Banana w/ Strawberry Banana Jam
You Art What You Eat

2.  Edible Flowers

Ingredients :  Kiwi Fruit, Scrambled Egg, Bread w/ Cheese, Berries

Mao Bug

3. Armageddon 

Ingredients : Store Bought Paella, Meatball, Cashew Nuts, Ketchup (dots )

artistic milestones4. Companionship

Ingredients : French Toast ( Milk, Egg, Vanilla, Butter, Bread ) , Berries

artistic milestones

5. Tic Tac

Ingredients : Squash, Sunflower Seeds, Green Peas

Mao Lu🙂

My tip on how to make Food Art stress free :

Use whatever food you’re planning to give your kids.  For instance, if you’re planning on french toast for breakfast, use that, Shape it, arrange it, then search for fun garnishes at home.  It could be chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, make a boat out of a slice of melon, etc.  You’d be surprise what you can come up with.

Bon Appetito!

You Art What You Eat __ Edible Art

Hello Hello!

I missed you guys !  I hope that I haven’t discouraged you from coming to my blog often.  I’ve been busy juggling with so many random important and useless stuffs lately and I just didn’t have the time to write a single post for over a month now.

However no matter how busy I was, I still,of course, made time to do something artsy at home.  Art in any form is what keeps me sane.  I can’t live without ART you know.   Crafting, Painting, Cooking and Baking are just a few of my favorite but just recently I’ve become obsessed with Food Art.  I had no idea that playing with food can be so calming – the “advantage” of having a kid who wouldn’t want to eat anything that doesn’t look like a cartoon.

It all started out when my daughter is suddenly having food strike (only drinks milk).  It lasted for a week before I actually panicked; she avoided EVERYTHING, even pancakes! Who doesn’t love pancakes?!  So I resorted to edible food craft and it was a success! The best tip I can give you about food arts for kids is that the taste of the food is just as important as it’s looks.  My kid and her cousins will still not eat a pretty looking food art if it tasted too plain.

Here are some of my Art works with the ingredients I used.

1.  This was my first try.  I was over the moon when she finally ate something.  She ate about 30% of this.

Food art for RabbitThe rabbit at the top – lightly salted sautéed Potato
Stars and moon – lightly salted sautéed potato
Dots on the side – cheese cubes
2 orange circles – carrots with mayo
Middle design – Garlic rice with egg, shrimp, carrots, soy sauce and oyster sauce.

2.  My second attempt on the following day — she only finished about 50%

Food art, garden Grass – lettuce with sesame dressing
Flower – asparagus stem and carrots with mayo at the center
Tree trunk – fried salmon belly (added corn flakes to make it really crispy).  Slices of cheese are then arranged on top.
Tree crown – Garlic rice with egg, salt and pepper

3.  Third attempt.  I found a rabbit shaped head made of fish at the supermarket.  Not very healthy but it helped increase her appetite when she saw her plate in 3-D.  She finished about 60% of her food.

The 3 pillars — steamed baby corn, lightly salted
Pineapple slices at the right compartment
Rabbit – the body is made of a simple meatball recipe topped with melted cheese.  I bought the head ready made at the supermarket.  Stuck the head and body together using a toothpick.  The bed of lettuce is just plain with mayonnaise.  She loves the Japanese Kewpie brand mayo.

4. Fourth attempt — She almost finished her whole plate Egg Food art Yellow lines – 1 pc egg, scrambled with 1 Tbsp milk and pinch of salt.
Red circle – basic recipe of pasta sauce with ground pork.

5.  Fifth attempt — She ate 50%.

Vegetable Food Art

Crown – cucumber
Cloud – squash
Flower – carrots
Leaves – green beans
Scrambled egg
All these are then sautéed with onion, garlic, oyster sauce, and soy sauce.
Stars – plain rice.

6. Yesterday’s Attempt — These pancakes are sweetened with a bit of coconut sugar and lots of mango chunks.  She ate a whole stack, I ate a whole stack, even husband finished a whole stack 🙂

Food Art Mango Pancakes

Fresh Whole Wheat Mango pancakes, topped with star shaped melon.