Donut Recipe / Cake Doughnuts / Kids cooking

Doughnut or Donut is a fried ring shape dessert that is comprised of 100% Bad Carbs, 100% Bad Fats and perhaps ?% Preservative.  Pure evil.  Don’t you agree?

Of course you do.  That is why it’s so hard to resist donut temptations.

And that is also why I have tried my best (even though I know it’s impossible) to prevent Bug from ever discovering what the hell is a doughnut.

To make a sad story short.  Recently, ‘doughnut’ became her new vocabulary.  It happened just about 3 weeks ago after being invited to a friend’s birthday party.  And ever since then she never stopped asking for a doughnut every time we pass by a doughnut store.  

Hence last week I decided to make a ‘considerably healthy” doughnut recipe that Bug / kids can learn to make and enjoy.  No yeast needed, so it’s pretty fast to make.  And best of all kids love them.

cake donut recipe

Uncooked donuts by Chef Celeste

But first let me just clear out one thing, making donuts are not at all easy for a kid beginner or even adult.  Bug made this twice last week before getting it right.  The first time she made this it was a bit tough because she over kneaded the dough and added too much flour.  At one point I think she even forgot that she was handling a bread dough and not play dough.  I knew it would happen and I was expecting it but I didn’t jump in to help her because I wanted her to learn.  The second time around was delicious!  So if your little one don’t get it right the first time, TRY AGAIN because it’s worth it.

I personally like them coated with just plain cinnamon sugar or spread with strawberry jam but I’m sure Bug prefers them frosted with sprinkles and such like the store bought ones.  So below are frosting recipes I used for our doughnuts.

Strawberry glaze:  The one I used in the video is just melted white chocolate with a drop of strawberry oil and red food coloring.

Caramel glaze :  I used store bought caramel sauce

White chocolate glaze : melted white chocolate.

Cinnamon Sugar topping:  Mix 1/4 Cup white sugar + 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

Ingredients to make 4 standard doughnuts
Difficulty Level : Moderate for kids.

1/2 Cup + 2 Tablespoon All purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon Baking soda
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of salt
1 egg
3 Tablespoon sugar
2.5 Tablespoon Sour Cream
Please watch the video for the procedure 🙂

Tips for a tender donut:
– Do not over knead the dough for it will result in tough donut.  Knead for just a couple of minutes.  If the dough is too sticky to roll out, fold in a little more flour just until it’s good enough to roll with a rolling pin.

– Fry just until golden brown on both sides.  About a minute per side.

Eat them fresh because they taste the best!

Designing Fabric Aprons with Fabric Markers ! Kids Apron!

My Bug is turning 4 next month and I’ve been planning a simple little chef party for her at home with her close friends and cousins.

homemade kids aprons

I had 23 pieces of aprons sewn, one each for twenty of her friends all within the ages of 2 to 7 plus 3 pieces of aprons only for Bug.  I wanted to get her ready for Halloween and Christmas as well!

I love using fabric markers and fabric paints because they are so easy to use and I think it’s really cool because it’s permanent.  There will be a slightest fading after first washing but thats understandable and the design still looks rad!  Above is a quick tutorial on how to decorate your apron  for Christmas, Halloween and everyday wear with a masterchef logo so that it will look nice and “professional”  🙂

Below is the pattern I used.  It fits nicely to children ages 3 to 10 years old.

apron pattern for kidsNotes:

1.  The white fabric I used is called Cacha.  I wanted this type because it’s very cheap and easy to wash when stained.

2.  I used Lil’ Hands fabric markers because it’s the only brand I can find but it works really well.  I tried designing with it on cotton shirt when I was designing Bug’s pirate costume and it works great.

pirate costume with fabric paint

The Little Pirate

For questions and comments please write it down below.

3 Year Old Cooks Breakfast __ by Playful Chef

My daughter Bug got a Cooking Kit from my mom a few months ago and ever since then she’s been dreaming about cooking and baking everything.  Besides the cooking/baking tools, the set also includes a really cute apron and five fun recipe cards that’s easy enough for 3+ year olds.  So far we’ve tried 2 recipes from this set during her Summer break.  The Perfect Pita Pizza and the Chocolate Mountain Lava cake.  She loves the Pizza but she’s not too fond of the Lava Cake.

Other recipes which we have yet to try are Peanut Butter Fun, Fruit Yogurt Parfait and French Toast Sticks.

Other than that she also cooks her own cheesy scrambled eggs and pancakes.  I taught her an easy and delicious way to cook banana pancakes and she learned it so quickly.  I took a video of her one Sunday morning making her own banana pancakes. Check it out below.

You might also want to try this recipe because it’s soooo goooood and it’s soooo easy !

1 large banana, mashed
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 Tablespoon oil
1/3 Cup of Water
125 grams of pancake mix
Mix the the first 5 ingredients in a bowl then add the pancake mix.  Heat butter in a non stick pan, then cook 1.5 to 2 minutes on both sides.  Enjoy!

I think this is one of the best gift that Bug got because she’s learning how to measure at a very young age and more conscious of how things are made.  Plus I notice that she tries to act more mature when she’s independently making her own food.

Thanks mom for a wonderful gift ! Bug’s becoming a playful little chef !

Oven from recycled box

So I realize that kids are born spoiled brats.  The older they get the more they want expensive toys, whats worst is that they lose interest in them very quickly.  My usual monthly budget for my kid’s toys is gone POOF! after just one date to the toy store.  And it’s barely the end of the month.  No more budget = no more new toys = whiny manipulative toddler.

” I want to buy oven please! I want to cook pizza! I want to make cake…..I want…I want…I want…”

artistic milestones / Homemade oven / DIY oven

Since I couldn’t easily distract her because she often see me baking and cooking I knew I had to either buy one which means spending P4500 ( thats about $105 ) for the oven she wanted or for what seemed crazy at first, make one.

homemade clay

So a few nights ago I came across a bright idea on the internet, making an oven out of recycled box.

Artistic Milestones

Super easy and cheap.  Few things that I actually bought are the small bucket of yellow paint, paper fastener and velcro from the bookstore so this oven cost me P180 ( thats around $3.5 ).  Crazy cheap. It has a stove top with burner, oven switch that clicks, knob that turns, timer, burner and a “glass” oven door.   Everything a kid needs to cook up a feast.  So no more take outs !

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 8.52.18 AM

If you’re interested in DIY, here are the things you will need and do:

– An old box with cover  — This will be the oven.  If you don’t have one lying around you can buy it in any bookstore for less than P100

– 2 old CDs —  This will be the 2 burners that you will be glueing on top of the stove , decorate it with permanent markers to make them look more realistic  (see picture above )

– Transparency Paper  — This is the oven glass

– Medicine or condiment caps and paper fasteners —  These are for the oven control knobs.

– Empty roll of Aluminum foil as door handle

– Velcro – small pieces will be glued to the oven door to keep them shut.

– Tools : Glue gun, Cutter, scissor, Ruler, Permanent Paint and screw driver.

– About 2.5 hours of your time

– and of course lots and lots of HOMEMADE PLAY DOUGH to make foods!

artistic milestones

artistic milestones

artistic milestones

artistic milestones

I was really happy that she loved this oven and was immersed for hours with her plastic plates and utensils and homemade play doughs.  She even puts her real food inside the oven and pretend that she baked it.   What an imaginative little chef she’s turning out to be 🙂