Golden Age — 3 to 7 years old

If I had to live forever as either a child/ adolescent / adult I would definitely choose to live as a child of age 3 to 7 years old.  A child’s thoughts are pure (usually).  They can be every man’s best friend.  They find happiness in the simplest of things, they easily forgive, they easily love.  They don’t think about the past and the future.  They live in the present sliding down on rainbows trying to steal marshmallows.

They can be whoever they want to be.  A doctor, a mommy, Olaf…

Golden Age

Headline: Milo dies of stroke aged 10

Artistic milestone Milo

Milo, Cooper’s favorite champion Pomeranian, has died at the age of 10 after suffering a stroke, his family has announced.
Abby, his spokesman, said: “It is with great sadness that G** and J** Cooper announced that their pet Milo died peacefully following a stroke this morning. The photo shown was taken just yesterday afternoon by his young master H** Cooper. 

Milo was suffering from a high fever for two days already before he died of a heart attack at about 6am on Sunday, his family confirmed. Milo has been with the Cooper family ever since he was born. He is well trained by the age of 2 years old, and since then he was a real saint.  He follows G** and J** Cooper everywhere they go and he can understand simple instructions.  They take milo for regular veterinary visits and pay extra for vitamins  to prevent future sicknesses however the inevitable has to happen.  According to Dr. D**, Milo’s veterinarian, Milo is old and his diet of fatty meat and too much cheese caused the sudden heart attack.

“Being a pet owner of milo is an awesome responsibility but its also very rewarding and makes us happier people. He will be greatly missed “ says Madam J** Cooper.

This post is for the WordPress Daily Prompt : Ripped into the Headline

Note : This is a true story but all the names here are fake except for my mom’s dog Milo.

Trixie and I

Daily Prompt __ Menagerie 

Do you have animals in your life? If yes what do they mean to you.  If no why have you opted not to?

I’m an animal loving gal but I don’t wanna own any because I’m already too busy and not rich enough to take care of an orangutan, a horse, an owl and a tiger.  ( I got tired of dogs lol 🙂 ) I used to own and love two mini pincher dogs when I was little, they died of old age after 8 years or so and I never wanted to replace them ever since.  I’ve grown up and didn’t want the added responsibility of taking best care of them.

We were at the Ark Avilon mini zoo last Sunday.  Below are some pictures of me with Trixie the friendliest prettiest Orangutan I’ve ever encountered.  She kept smiling for the camera and would even kiss you willingly if you tell her to.

IMG_1057Her hands are surprisingly soft.

She wanted to do a high five lol 🙂

According to my mom-in-law, this mini zoo started as a hobby of an animal lover couple who just loves to buy and collect animals.  I love this zoo as it is very interactive and educational especially to kids.

Tooth Fairy, Mission Impossible

When I was 6 I was too scared of Tooth Fairies coming into my bedroom reach under my pillow while I sleep to look for my tooth. Even though I was assured that tooth fairies are nice and loving, they still scare me for some reason.

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 1.49.13 PM

The first time I left my tooth under my pillow, I couldn’t sleep well the whole night.   Little tiny sounds woke me up and the poor Tooth Fairy was probably cold and tired outside peeking at my window, waiting for me to fall asleep.  The following morning mom told me that the fairy didn’t get me a present because she knew I was awake.

The second night I left my tooth under my pillow, I couldn’t sleep well yet again for I’m scared that the Tooth fairy might be frustrated with me for wasting her time the other night.  The following morning there was still no present.

The third night.  Oh no, I don’t want the tooth fairy coming here, I thought.  I really felt that the Tooth Fairy was really pissed.   So I told my brave twin sister to keep my tooth under her pillow so when the Tooth Fairy comes she would go straight to my sister and replace my tooth with money which we would then split the following morning.  My twin sister agreed and so I was able to sleep well.  The following morning we found 10 bucks under my sister’s pillow…. Thanx Tooth Fairy… and sorry!

There are many different types of fairy tales, to me, whether a tale is good or bad depends on the child’s circumstances.  But in general I think Tooth Fairies, Santa Clause, Mermaids, and such are fun and harmless fantasies to kids.

–> I wrote this for the Daily Prompt — Fantasy

You and I on Valentines

Husband and I had a failed Valentine plan yesterday.   We got home at exactly 8:30pm, still hungry and tired from work and looking for a nice place to have dinner, but it was extremely traffic, malls crowded and restaurant lines were crazy long…but I wasn’t upset at all for there are many more days we can celebrate Valentines day, today, tomorrow and everyday.   I read the daily prompt – Cupid’s Arrow last night and thought I’ll join in.  Twas nice to reminisce all the memorable Valentine times we had.  Hope you’ll enjoy this.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 7.03.12 AM

Twas Valentine’s day when you kidnapped my heart.
A sweet little kiss for our love story to start
Twas Valentine’s Day when you first brought me a rose.
Blue roses are my favorite so that’s what you chose.
Twas Valentine’s Day when we took our first photo.
The mall’s photo booth was cheap and pronto
Twas Valentine’s Day when you asked me about my ex.
I thought that was weird and a topic too complex

Twas Valentine’s Eve when you recited a poem.
I was love-smitten all night long.
Twas Valentine’s Eve when you played your saxophone.
That was really sweet! Impressed with your tone.
Twas Valentine’s Eve when we had a candle lit dinner.
We had turkey and oysters but the cake’s the winner
Twas Valentine’s Eve when we swore our love
You and I, Forever in Love.

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What Goes Around, Comes Around

Daily Prompt _ Karma Chameleon

Coincidentally, today’s daily prompt is related to where I was last weekend.  I was celebrating the 3rd year death anniversary of my grandmother, the first mass was held at a Catholic church and the second mass at the temple that was arranged by my dad, who is a Buddhist.  At the temple we started with prayers that accumulate merit for a speedy and auspicious rebirth of my grandmother’s new existence / reincarnation.  I’m actually not even sure of my Catholic religion or whether or not to believe in Buddhist reincarnation like my dad but anyhow I respect both religion and I actually like the way Buddhism celebrates the death anniversary of the deceased and the whole meaning of it.  As for karma, yes I think I believe in it, it’s basically about cause and effect or the idea of “you deserve what you get” otherwise it won’t be a just world, and an unjust world isn’t worth living… Perhaps if ever reincarnation is real and there is such thing as karma, then being good in this life would mean I won’t be a cockroach or a chicken in my next life haha 🙂
3rd year death anniversary

I enjoy the serene atmosphere of both the temple and church though, finding there peace of mind and comfort in the midst of my hectic life in the jungle.  See the two kids on the right? They’re my niece and nephew, obviously way too bored to listen to the chanting monks.


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Daily Prompt : I Got Skill

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?
artistic milestoneI would like to master the skill of Investing, for there are no limits to how much money I can make if I’m excellent at it.   Being good in subjects like accounting and economics is perhaps part of becoming an expert investor but another much more important aspect are the experiences, which is the hard part since it involve a lot of risks/money.   These experiences will enable an investor to make numerous specific or accurate predictions about why the prices of such and such move in a particular direction.   Whenever I have time and in “the mood” I sometimes read about investing but most of the time they bore me to death, they can even cure my insomnia some nights… so perhaps my hope of becoming an expert on that field is nil.