Celestine’s Baking Party! Little Chef Party

I planned this party two months ahead since I really wanted to DIY everything (decorations, activities and food).  Here are some things you can do to have a simple little chef party for your little one.

little chef baking party

To set the mood for the entire event we need decorations.  This was really easy to pull off because all you really need were lots of colorful papers, a few balloons on the ceiling and the cupcakes on the wall was a fun weekend project for Celeste.

baking party

Nothing will make some plain cupcakes look elegant and delicious than a cake stand.  Each kid will get to decorate their very own cupcakes on a cake stand.  How wonderful is that!

The materials used for the stands are round styrofoams ( 6 inch diameter and 2 inch high), yellow and green art paper or cartolina and 8 inch gold cake board.

Click on the blue links

DIY play doh recipe

DIY Play Doughs / Play Doh — I used 9 Cups of flour since I was expecting around 9 to 10 kids.  1 Cup of of flour per color which yield around 8 ounces of play dough.  Made these 3 weeks ahead. Don’t forget to provide cookie cutters and rolling pins!


little chef birthday party

I bought the felt mustaches at the bookstore / scrapbook area.

DIY Paper Chef Hat — So easy you can do this in less than 10 minutes!  Don’t forget the felt mustaches!

DIY Butter cupcakes — Here’s my little secret, I used the recipe of Martha stewart many times without fail.  I divided the batter into three equal parts then added a bit of food coloring, spoon them in the muffin cups then bake it for about 20minutes.  Presto! Pretty colorful cupcakes!

DIY Perfect Chocolate Cupcakes — Here’s my go to chocolate cupcake recipe. I made a total of 48 cupcakes.  4 cupcakes per child plus extra for those kid at heart 🙂

DIY Yummy Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Kids are crazy for frosting so you need lots of it and of course candies, cookies and sprinkles to decorate.

buttercream frosting recipe 1 Cup Salted Butter
4 Cups Powdered Sugar, sifted
1 Tablespoon vanilla extract
about 4 Tablespoon of milk
Food coloring (optional)

Beat butter with a mixer on medium speed until smooth. Add 3 cups of powdered sugar and turn your mixer on low to incorporate sugar with the butter. Increase the speed to medium and add vanilla extract.  Add in water to make it smooth.  Add in the remaining sugar. Mix on high speed until light and smooth. Add in food coloring.

The best part is of course the blowing of the CAKE!

baking big ideas

My little chef with her pet tigers!

Don’t forget to check out the video for more ideas!  For questions, comments and suggestions please write it down below

Cakes! Glorious Cakes! _ Despicable Me 2, A Pot of Flower, Engagement Cake, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I have probably made hundreds of cakes in my lifetime but I still get a little nervous whenever someone orders a cake because my goal has always been to exceed my own and my customer’s expectations. And that’s tough. It’s tough to meet customers expectations, let alone exceed them thats why my brain usually end up overused and overtired and my computer overused and overheating after every cake project.

Nightly before I retire I usually sit with my daughter in front of the telly pretending to watch Disney Junior.   Just pretending because all I can actually see are cakes after cakes and never ending cakes.  Anyways just last week I realized that I forgot to tell you about (or actually brag about ) some of the cakes I have made since a few months back.  My lazy self kept procrastinating on writing a post until I forgot all about it.  Heck this just doesn’t do justice to my overused brain.

Hence this is a post exclusively for the forgotten cakes. So without further ado here are some of the cakes I have made that I believe I haven’t had the time to post when they were made.

Despicable Me 2 

This cake is for my husband.  I rarely make cakes for him because he’s not much of a cake or pastry eater.

I mean if he had a choice between pigging out on a delicious cake or dimsums he will definitely choose the dimsums.  But recently he’s on a diet and you know what dieters crave for the most? SUGAR!  (so I had an evil plan to make him a cake for his birthday. Wahaha! ) So I made him a low fat and low sugar banana cake for his birthday.  I decided on a Despicable Me theme because he loves the humor of that movie.

Chocolate Flower Pot

baking big ideas

The truth is I hate making flowers because I find it super boring to make the petals.   That’s mostly the reason why I don’t like making wedding cakes but last month was my truly amazing mother-in-law’s birthday who truly loves flowers so I have to say I really don’t have any choice but to make flowers.

Baking Big Ideas

I had to make 10 flowers and that’s equivalent to 220 petals for this small chocolate cake pot.  And believe me if I were to explain how each petals were made it will take a whole post, so lets just skip that part.  I’m glad everyone loves this cake and I was actually surprised on how beautiful this turned out, it definitely exceeded my own expectation.

A Romantic Engagement Cake

baking big ideas

I have nothing to say about this cake except that it’s perfectly romantic especially the first picture.  I love it to the max!  The soon to be bride, Cherry, allowed me to post their photo here to show you guys.  Thank you so much Cherry! It’s picture perfect!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

baking big ideas

I was a baker at age 12 but I was a painter since I was 7.   I have to say I enjoyed making this cake the most because it involves both form of art, painting and cake decorating.

baking big ideas

The painted and fondant-ed background really adds up nicely to the entire look of the cake.  The mom who ordered this wanted the cake to be mostly marshmallow buttercream frosted so instead of covering the entire cake with 100% fondant I only covered it 30%. The Mickey Mouse figure is entirely edible.

Current Project

Baking Big ideas

Ayayayayay! More flowers! I can’t tell you anything else.  You’ll have to see it when it’s done 🙂

Well thats that.  Thank you so much for reading!

Cooper Grey’s Boxing Birthday Party__ “Fight of the Century” Cake

baking big ideas

A vintage style boxing cake for a little champ name Cooper who celebrated his first birthday on the same day as the biggest fight of the century, May 3, 2015.  Yeah Pacquiao got the speed, Mayweather got the strength, but this little champ name Cooper Grey got the killer smile! I’m in love with this little boy’s killer smile that I just had to put his face on the cake, it made the whole thing look so much more delish don’t you think? !

fight of the century

I think the figure of knocked out champion Cooper (top left ) I made as the cake topper looks so darn cute and funny!  I love the photo of Cooper so much ( top middle ) because he looks like his ready to fight for Philippines!   He’s such a little tiger,

Cooper Grey's birthday

 Proud parents of Cooper who made his special day perfect!

artistic milestones

Look at him.  He knocked out every single opponent his the only one left in the ring.  Sorry Manny  but you lost the fight.


the Battle for Greatness!

As always thank you guys for reading !!!

Dad’s Cake and South Park Cake

Baking Big Ideas

Kat (sis in law ) and I planned this cake for my athletic father in law who’s now 62 years young. He’s really fond of our cat Bailey and basketball.

baking big ideas south park cakeDescription : South Park Cake

Made this cake for my brother.  When I asked husband all about South Park he said its an old adult cartoon, lots of swearing… etc ( I forgot what he said )…and there’s this character Kenny who always dies in every episode.

South Park Cake

“Who fucking killed Kenny!”
Baking Big Ideas

Frozen Castle and Sven

Here’s another Frozen Castle Cake project of mine for a four year old snow queen.  It took me a lot of thinking to come up with this design, I think I may have already picked my brain out on the Big Frozen Castle project I did a few months back.  Below’s my final draft, just a little bit different than the final cake.

Baking Big IdeasI wanted it to shape as much like the actual Frozen castle and the designs to be elegant, a bit regal, and snowy but not too much snowflakes.  I think my meticulousness can be seen in the way I designed the details from the cake to the cake board.  Check out my funny 1 minute compiled video below.

Talk about Frozen, I thought I’d show you guys the smallest Olaf ever made

Baking Big Ideas

Thank you so much for reading, watching, following, and subscribing to my youtube channel 🙂

Team Umizoomi Cake (Part 2) & Ninja Turtles Cake

Team Umizoomi

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 8.52.21 AM There has got to be a new cartoon everyday because I cannot keep track of them.   I’ve never heard of Team Umizoomi before I got this project and if you think this cake is overly decorated then obviously you have not watched this as well.  Its a very colorful kids show that reinforces math skills, shape and pattern recognition in a cute and fun way.
Baking Big Ideas / Artistic MilestonesThis cake was due 3 days after my vacation break so it was kind of rush but being an expert in all things cute and girly I think I pulled it off pretty good.  Since I’m sure Cailee loves Milli (the girl character ) so much I focused on her ability to make different patterns.  So lots of fun patterns on the cake.  And to personalize the cake nicely I glued her photo eating a cupcake on the robot right in the center of the cake.
artistic milestones Cailee celebrated her birthday in school.  I’m very grateful for Cailee’s mom for sending me all these adorable pictures.  Check out Cailee’s chubby squeezable cheeks!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT )

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 8.47.47 AM

I told myself ones that I never wanted to make a TMNT cake because I don’t like that movie ever since I was a child.  To summarize, this movie it’s about an ugly bunch of turtle heroes who are trained by a huge rat, loves pizza, and in love with a human girl.  Yup, I know this show very well because I have a cousin who adored this movie back in the 80s to the point that he has to have pizza snack while watching this show.   The pizzas never fail to lure me and my sisters into watching this with him…quite pathetic.

baking big ideas

If you’re a fan of ninja turtles I’m sorry for my criticism I just don’t like sweaty looking turtles who look like a mutation of Arnold Schwarzenegger…I think they desperately need some barbie makeover.

But surprisingly I really enjoyed making this chocolate cake since it was a bit of a challenge.

Umizoomi Cake __ part 1

Vacation over, just arrived from my yearly medical check up in Singapore yesterday.  I’m now starting to feel the excitement of the new year!

artistic milestones

A couple of days before I left for Singapore I had an Umizoomi and Ninja Turtles cake orders due after my vacation break (Jan 9 ).  I was planning to turn down one order but decided to trust my trusty minions to help me.   After a thorough research and planning of the cake designs I had to make 15 or more pounds of fondant.  Before leaving I gave my minions five specific instructions for the Umizoomi cake.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 9.55.05 PM

1. Bake and then shape two 8″ round butter cakes into number 3.

2.  The Height = 16″  and width 8″

3. Buttercream the cake and cover it entirely with orange fondant with pantone 130U.

4. Cover it entirely with cling wrap twice and freeze it till I get back.

5.  Send me a picture of the finished project thru viber or email.

I was so happy when I received this picture.

baking big ideas

Well done minions! Now all I had to do when I got back is the fun stuff.  Decorating!