DIY Easy Moana Raft

Hi guys this post is for all my youtube subscribers who have asked me how I made the Moana raft.

Its actually very easy, as you can see in the image below, underneath is one layer of empty plastic bottles.   I used around 5-6 rolls of duct tape.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.37.04 AM.png

First peel off the labels from the bottles so that the tape will stick better then I bundled up more or less 23 pieces of 1.5 liters plastic bottles (water and coke bottles ).


The middle layer consist of a styrofoam board that’s 2 inches high for more buoyancy.   Actually Bug can already float with just the water bottle layer but she still gets a little wet so I added the styrofoam board and it works perfectly.   I duct taped it on the plastic bottle layer.   Then to stick the styrofoam to the thin piece of wood I used the flexible adhesive below because its waterproof once its dry which by the way takes 24 hours but once its dried its hard like cement.  


Construction Adhesive by BUILDRITE


and to make the sail I used a mop stick.


Lastly get a yard of cream colored fabric, cut it to the right shape as best as you can…sorry I don’t have a template because i just eyeballed it using the image above as reference.


Next draw the Moana symbol using red permanent marker.  Finally, use hot glue to stick it on the mop stick.  Tadaaaa your done!

Here’s another Moana video wherein she battles with the Big SHINY crab Tamatoa. Plus check out her newest pet Pua !!!

If you guys have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  You may write it down below or comment on my youtube channel.   Thank you for visiting and supporting my Channel – Little Big Toys !

Real Life Moana and the Friendly Ocean

Our latest youtube video is Moana!  Have you guys seen that Movie?  She’s the newest Disney Princess, a Polynesian teenager with dark hair, dark skin, beautiful and chosen by the ocean to return the heart of Te Fiti… Our version of Moana is different though,  it involves mermaids and crabs and more.  screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-10-46-11-am

I think if it weren’t for Bug’s small eyes she could pass for the real Moana perfectly.  Don’t you think?  I even built her a raft out of recycled water bottles, styrofoam and a thin piece of wood so she can sail across the “sea” like the Disney cartoon.  It was super easy to make, just stuck all of the materials with duct tape and super glue and it  worked surprisingly well!

We spent the whole Saturday making this video partly because Moana keeps playing in the pool and we had to wait for her hair to get dry before continuing with our story.   At one point in the video she was soaking wet on top of her raft with her rooster because I couldn’t wait for her hair and dress to get dry anymore.


I added the ocean effects which is our favourite part in the movie.  Hope you guys watch it 😉


Cardboard Box Disney Princess Train 2017 with Moana, Frozen Fever, etc.

For someone who just loves cardboard box projects, building a train is at the second of my to-do list.  This “little” pull-along train took weeks to plan and prepare but it was worth it because it looks super cool and very fun to ride on and play.  The whole train is made of cardboard boxes and styrofoam except for the base of the main train which has a thin piece of wood to carry Bug.

I included the newest magical Princess Moana and made the base of her train with styrofoam so that it can sail in the sea.  Check it out guys!


Thanks for watching!


Coolest Frozen Fever Cardboard Box Car

I’m not a big fan of the Frozen Fever story but I’m in love with the arts and graphics of that movie clip.   Thus my new cardboard box project is inspired by it.

This cardboard box car is showered with snowgies, sunflowers, pink lily flowers and just a pinch of snowflakes all over the front, back and sides.  Watch the video to see the full detail!


The back of the seat is the beautiful butterfly pattern in Anna’s dress

The designing process took a couple of days as usual but it’s all worth it because the result is just amazing and bug really loves this car not just because of the design but also because of all the “snowballs” inside and I put actual wheels underneath so it can move really fast!

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