Learning Through Play | Doc BugStuffins

Inspired by the Disney Junior Doc Mcstuffins cartoon, Bug’s favourite toy right now is her doctor playset.  It all started when was getting bored of her dolls and ignored them so one day while we’re having lunch I told her that her babies are getting sick because she’s ignoring them.  Here’s what happen next…

We designed a simple mini hospital clinic in her bedroom and then I taught her how to use each doctor tools properly.  Besides her dolls, I was also a patient for 3 nights last week hahaha.  The other video below is about Bug being a veterinarian.   She did a thorough check up on our 3 dogs : Jersey, Secret and Sherlock.  They are the most behaved dogs we have ( out of 10 dogs) so she chose them.

One day she’ll be a great doctor !

Till then, we better get back to our patients…….

Thank you for reading !


4 thoughts on “Learning Through Play | Doc BugStuffins

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