Random Photos Worth Keeping

I was tidying up my computer by deleting old docs and photos and came across some of my old precious photos that I find hard to dispose so I thought I’d share and store them here.

Place : Shangrila Mactan Resort in Cebu, Philippines.   Love the super clear beach water so full of underwater creatures ready to meet you. The rule says “Leave the fishes alone!”

beach water

Place : Office.  Mom teaching my daughter how to trace her hands.  This was 2 years ago.  Made me reminisce about the old days when mom use to teach me how to draw.

artistic milestones

Place : Ark Avilon Zoo, Rizal, Philippines.   I took a photo of this one because I thought its quite fascinating.  This is actually in a dark room where troglobionts are kept.  On one corner there were two small hole on the ceiling and right there the spider spins its web.  I know spiders prefer dark places but this one is clearly trying to catch some sunlight.  (The spider is too small to see )


Place : French Baker Coffee shop. 2 years ago

artistic milestones

” The grass is greener on the other side”

Place : Home.  The biggest fondant cake I’ve ever gotten in my life.  I got this from my husband (then boyfriend) on my 19th birthday.  Its a life size cake that as tall as me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes that it was edible so I ate a piece of flower from it and it tasted so sweet 🙂

artistic milestones


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