Stop Motion Clay Videos

I’ve been so addicted with stop motion videos lately and I’ve tried making 2 videos last week.

This is the very first one I’ve made using the new Play Doh Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that I just bought.  Hubby wasn’t very impressed with this one because he said I need to add in more shots to make it smooth.  What do you guys think?


Here’s the second one I made.  If you have a little girl chances are you know what Shopkins are.  They are one of the latest toy craze these days.  I decided to make the Jelly beans shopkins whose name is Jelly B. Drawn because it’s one of my favorite shopkins. I added more movement shots per second here so it was a big improvement.

Took me almost the entire Sunday working on this for a less than 2 minute video.  Finally Hubby was impressed with this one.


Thanks for watching! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Stop Motion Clay Videos

  1. Oh, yes, my granddaughters have Shopkins. So, are you making cakes out of Play-Doh now? 😉 I’ve not ventured into video production, so I am in awe of your work on both of these. The 2nd one is smoother, as you mentioned.

    • Haha not really Play Doh cakes. But I’m using play dohs to make stop motion videos on youtube. Started just a couple of weeks ago and I find them very interesting (and a lot easier to mold than fondant). I stopped doing cakes now because I’m busier this year. I’m doing more toy reviews on youtube now because with that I get to spend more time with Bug. Thanks for commenting Patti.

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