Lets Fly! | Our Helicopter Tour to Crocodile Farm, Taal Volcano etc…

My sister and I have been planning to visit the crocodile farm in Batangas (Luzon part of the Philippines ) since last month but it was delayed due to the typhoon and heavy rain.  Last Saturday the weather was just perfect and since we’re both available, we pushed through with our plan.  We toured around Batangas in the most exciting form of transport available, a helicopter!

Our kids got an adrenaline rush while riding the helicopter since it’s their first time and it’s different from riding a plane.  180 degree view, we can feel the wind outside, love the feeling of hovering into the atmosphere, and best of all the kids can shout and go crazy since it was a private ride — speaking of crazy, Bug’s cousin threw up all over his seat during the ride, chocked on the sandwich due to excitement, got his headphone wet, and got half of my jeans wet! Good thing we were on our way home at that time.

We visited the crocodile farm and we’re able to carry baby crocodiles! Wow!  Bug didn’t want to carry the hatchlings thanks to my sister who kept on repeating “crocodiles eat humans.”

We also went to a well known poultry farm and collected hundreds of eggs! and finally toured around the second most active volcano in my country, the Taal Volcano.  Our whole trip lasted for 5 hours but it felt like a whole day!  I took a video of our whole trip so you have got to check it out!  I really wanted to visit the Mount Pinatubo, the active volcano whose last eruption in 1991 was still so vivid in my mind.  I wanted to finally be able to look into the eye of that monster but too bad our captain pilot did not get clearance for that because it was too windy to go there that day.  Next time for sure!

Looking forward to another good day of flying!

Thanx for reading! 🙂


One thought on “Lets Fly! | Our Helicopter Tour to Crocodile Farm, Taal Volcano etc…

  1. You had a very full day–in only five hours! We took our first helicopter ride last year, it was so different, as you said. We managed to not throw up, though! Thanks for sharing your fun day.

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