Happiest Halloween 2015

The last week of October is passing by so quickly and I intend to make the most of it.  Yesterday we celebrated Halloween in our village.  The theme was Spooky Safari.  There were costume competition, magic tricks, best house awarding and of course Trick or Treating.  So please watch the video!

face paint halloween

At first I though it was going to be boring but when my neighbors started decorating their houses like haunted forests, jungles and Jurassic world I got in the mood to dress up like wild beast.  This look was so easy and cheap to pull off its scary. Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 10.55.32 PM I really wanted to be a tiger at first since Bug loves tigers but since the only legging print I saw were all leopard prints thats what I went for.  The rest of my costume were pretty easy to find.  The Face Crayons were from the Bookstore.  The total cost was shockingly cheap!

cheap leopard costume

Cost of Costume:
Leopard print leggings — Php 90  ( US $2 )
Light brown shirt — Php 90 ( US $2 )
Leopard Headband — Php45  ( US $1 )
Face Crayons — Php 36  ( US $0.80 )

Suggestion: A black nail polish would really complete the look.

Cutest Animal Costume

The Not So Spooky Animals in the Safari ! Peacock, Bat, and Flamingo !

trick or treating

Sugar high / Candy Crush !

halloween sugar cookies

Stay tuned for a lot more Halloween FUN !!!


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