Witches Deadly Brew | Trust Me, Its Safe and Delicious!

When I found a 400 – year old diary from one of my ancestor who is apparently a witch, I felt an unwelcome intrusion of dark energy, it felt overwhelming at first, but as I got used to it. It felt better and better.

As I flip through the pages…. Not all were dark magic actually, some were just lousy scribbles, and surprisingly some pages contained “white magic.”

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 4.10.51 AM

Grass Jelly ( any brand would do )

One particular spell that I know everyone would love is the Secret to looking young and beautiful forever! I was still a little hesitant to reveal this secret because of the uncertainty it entails. For even white magic can be used for evil. After all what makes a magic good really depends on you.

halloween drink recipe

Banana Extract.  (note: looks green in the movie because I added green food coloring and water )

Celestine, being a decendant decides to make a brew for her dearest mommy.

halloween bloody drink

crushing the grass jelly

So here’s the recipe for a cup of witches brew !

Grab a couldron or a cup
Fill it halfway with Water
Then add the following:
– 4 tablespoon of Baboons blood ( crushed grass jelly
– 2 Tablespoon of Bat’s eye ( red tapioca pearls )
– 2 tablespoon of Warewolf’s ash (brown sugar )
– a drop of blind snake’s venom (banana extract )
Stir it up for a charm of deadly trouble! Heee Heeee Heeee Heeee heeeeee!!!

How to make witch potion

Tip: Use a dry ice instead of plain ice cubes if your serving it at a party for the smoke effect.  (caution: make sure your dry ice is food grade )

Happy Halloween Guys !


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