Designing Fabric Aprons with Fabric Markers ! Kids Apron!

My Bug is turning 4 next month and I’ve been planning a simple little chef party for her at home with her close friends and cousins.

homemade kids aprons

I had 23 pieces of aprons sewn, one each for twenty of her friends all within the ages of 2 to 7 plus 3 pieces of aprons only for Bug.  I wanted to get her ready for Halloween and Christmas as well!

I love using fabric markers and fabric paints because they are so easy to use and I think it’s really cool because it’s permanent.  There will be a slightest fading after first washing but thats understandable and the design still looks rad!  Above is a quick tutorial on how to decorate your apron  for Christmas, Halloween and everyday wear with a masterchef logo so that it will look nice and “professional”  🙂

Below is the pattern I used.  It fits nicely to children ages 3 to 10 years old.

apron pattern for kidsNotes:

1.  The white fabric I used is called Cacha.  I wanted this type because it’s very cheap and easy to wash when stained.

2.  I used Lil’ Hands fabric markers because it’s the only brand I can find but it works really well.  I tried designing with it on cotton shirt when I was designing Bug’s pirate costume and it works great.

pirate costume with fabric paint

The Little Pirate

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