Chef Celeste Cooked Dinner

Bug is growing up tooooo fast!  She does her own grocery shopping at age 1.  Now at 3 she cooks her own meals.   For some of you who might think I’m kinda crazy for teaching her how to cook at this age.  I get it, I get.  Believe it or not I’m actually very protective, but not the obsessive-crazy-type.  Bug has had a lot of practice before I actually let her do things by herself and I don’t teach her how to turn on the oven nor stove and I actually shout a lot during her training for fear of her safety.  And for what? Just so I can tell her to cook our hearty meals one day? Actually, YES 🙂  BUT also because I know she’ll learn so many other things besides memorizing the recipe.  Plus I now realize that it’s a very effective “digital detox.”

Bug playing doctor

Bug playing doctor

Before I started teaching Bug how to cook, she like most kids nowadays are too obsessed with ipads and smart phones.  Now, instead of looking for the ipad she would pretend play with her toy tigers, tell me what she likes to cook and bake, play cooking using her play dough and etc.

Chicken Nuggets

Bug’s Yummy Chicken Nuggets

I know I said that her cupcake video will be up next but I have not finished editing it because it’s 30 minutes long, I still have to cut some more video clips and speed it up to shorten it.  But last month she also made chicken nuggets for dinner, the video is short and sweet so I uploaded it first, I only found the time to write about it yesterday so anyhooo… The chicken nuggets were YUM!  Way better than any chicken nuggets you’ve ever tasted.  Make it! You’ll see!  The recipe is on the video.

The secret is in the breading.  I’ve been using the same breading recipe for years because everyone who have tasted this love it, it’s healthy and it’s versatile.  I usually make a lot more than needed for future use because you can also use it as breading for pork chops, chicken fingers and fish fillets.  Store the excess in an air tight container and refrigerate it to keep it fresh for up to two weeks.

We had breaded pork chops last week.

We had pork chops last week using the same breading recipe on the video.

I always make my own bread crumbs by toasting some toasts and then grating it into crumbs using a cheese grater or food processor.  Food will taste better if you use a more rich or sweet milky bread.


Chef Celeste grating the toasted milk bread

Optional for those who like it a bit more spicy: add a pinch of black pepper and cayenne pepper on the breading mix.  Serve this with some salad and a glass of OJ (aka orange juice) and you won’t be craving for anything else.

Ps. If you don’t cook, I hope this little Chef have inspired you to start cooking.  If you do cook, I hope you’ll try this mouthwatering recipe 🙂

Thanx for reading! Chow!


2 thoughts on “Chef Celeste Cooked Dinner

    • haha thanx Koji. Kewpie mayo is the number one choice of this little Chef so it must be the best ! 🙂

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