Summer Fruit Arts

Phew! Summer is finally over and it’s been raining almost every afternoon and I love love love it because it’s not so hot anymore.  I can’t believe our Summer temperature could reach up to 41 degrees celcius! My little chef suffered some mild heat rash all over her back but she’s fine now.   Perhaps the only thing I love about Summer are the exotic fruits that comes with it.

Here are a few fruit art photos I have made last month.

Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 4.25.31 PM

Road Trip : Banana and strawberry for the car. Raisin and pasta for the person. Avocado for the mountain. banana and strawberry tops for the tree and plants.

Something to look forward to during Summer is strawberry season, father-in-law brought home lots and lots of this sweet red juicy fruits home all the way from Baguio.

hot air balloon food art

Hot Air Balloon : Strawberries, mangoes, bananas, bread, raisins and cheese.

Every Filipino knows that strawberries from Baguio are the best.  They are so hard to resist so I had them almost everyday.  Aside from fresh strawberries, he also brought home Good Shepherd’s strawberry jam and ube jam (purple yam jam).  YUM!

Robot Food Art

Robot with strawberry heart , Avocado and cheese for the head, bread with peanut butter for the body, raisin eyes, egg and raisin wheels, and strawberry hands.

It’s also mango and avocado season and as usual we got a huge sack of super sweet tasting mangoes from our cousins who owns a big farm.  The sight of this always makes me nostalgic as I recall my childhood days when my grandmother used to ran the farm.  We only have two big mango trees and it can produce huge sacks of mangoes every Summer and I remember my mango-addicted-mom would eat several of these like there’s no tomorrow.  Then she would later regret eating that many.

Philippine Flag fruit art

Philippine Flag : mangoes, ube jam (purple yam jam ), strawberries and strawberry jam, bread.

My hubby called me a fruit fly because I ate fruits for dessert and snacks during Summer when the fruits were in their juiciest and sweetest state.

fruit art

Cat :   Peanut butter sandwich with strawberries for the fish. Purple yam jam for the bubbles.  Bread, strawberry, raisins, banana, peanut butter and cheese for the Cat.

I usually make food art when I wake up a little too early and everyone else is still sleeping and I have the kitchen all to myself.  I feel more relax and creative.

pet turtle

Girl and Turtle Love : Girl – rice, curry sauce, egg with tomato, onion, and bittergourd. Turtle – Rice and kiwi.

P.S.  when you got some time to spare, try making fruit art to brighten yours or someone else’s day 🙂


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