The Little Chef That Could

Honey French Toast Recipe
One of her favorite breakfast foods served with fresh fruits.

Before my Bug turned into a little masterchef-in-the-making I didn’t plan on teaching her how to cook or bake anything at such an early age __3 years old??? What?  In fact it never even crossed my mind.  This entire cooking frenzy kind of just happened.

It was around Feb or March Sunday morning when I got a new nanny and as usual I always teach the new nanny how to cook Bug’s favorite foods.   At that time I was teaching the Nanny how to cook Banana pancakes.  When suddenly Bug said ” you forgot the oil mommy.”   I was surprised because I wasn’t even aware that was she paying attention all this time.   Trying to stay focused and excited at the same time I told her nanny to let bug make her own pancakes while we watch.  And she did it. With gusto!  I taught her how to measure the ingredients properly, two tries later she’s now a pro at making pancakes.  If you haven’t seen her banana pancake video you have to watch it!

Easy Pancake Recipe

And to add to our excitement my mom gave Bug a cooking kit  I wrote about it right HERE.  At that point I told her nanny to let Bug make most of her breakfast foods.  Hence the little masterchef-in-the-making is born.

I would love to think that she’s born with exceptional cooking skills, MAYBE, but I think it was more of right timing and receiving a good amount of attention for me to discover what her interests are and then giving her the opportunity to love it even more.

Below are some more foods that Bug can make pretty much by herself.  These recipes are kid friendly so I hope it will inspire you to teach you’re kids or even yourself how to cook, bake, measure, and have fun in the kitchen!

Cheesy Scrambled Eggs
Here she learned the meaning of “cutting cheese into cubes” and some basic knife skills.

I also told her that this is the ONLY knife she can ever use..  It’s part of the cooking set I introduced in the Pancake video above.  I love it because it’s as big as a real chef knife, sharp enough to cut through some vegetables and fruits and yet very safe for kids.

Toasted Cheese Sandwich
I know I know it’s not Halloween but she loves wearing this pajamas because it glows in the dark and she can dance the skeleton dance!

This recipe is real simple with only three ingredients.  Bread, butter, and cheese! She learned how to use a toaster here and where the ingredients are kept.   On this video she even danced the skeleton dance called ” Them Bones” while waiting for the toaster to ring.

Chocolate Cupcakes with frosting

artistic milestones This is the newest recipe i taught her, a lot more challenging for her because it has many new ingredients like flour, cocoa, baking soda, yoghurt, etc.  I explained the function of each of the ingredients so she’d know how important they are in making this cake.

kids can cook

She made this just last week but she had been requesting to make this for more than a month now.   Most of the chocolate cake recipes require the use of an electric mixer which is way too heavy for a 3 year old, so it took me quite a while to come up with a recipe that’s not too sugary, chocolatey, quite healthy and does not require the use of an electric mixer from the cake to the frosting.  Her cupcake video will be up next as soon as I find the time.

I know a lot of people who can’t cook and they end up addicted to fast foods which is NOT healthy. I certainly don’t want that for bug. I want her to love cooking or at least grow up knowing how to cook her meals because home cooked meals are much much healthier than restaurant foods.

Ever since I have involved Bug in cooking I noticed that she has became more aware of what goes in her food, whats healthy and whats not. It’s messy most of the time but whats a little mess if it will help her develop some cooking, math, memorization and practical life skills.  Not to mention improvement in her vocabulary, confidence and appetite.

marinating chicken

Her nanny is teaching Celeste how to marinate chicken . She’s a little grossed out with the chicken but that’s normal for a beginner 🙂

Have you tried cooking with your kids?  What’s it like? What did you guys cook???


12 thoughts on “The Little Chef That Could

  1. Lovely pictures, blissful post.My Granddaughter 4 1/2 years old is an artist she likes to draw and play games on the computer and cook pizza with grandma.God bless this generation of wonder kids..Thank you for stopping by.Jalal

    • Haha ! Yes thats possible. Or she could take over my blog since I’m not doing such a good job in updating it 😃 thanks for commenting ☺

  2. What an adorable little chef!!! She was very neat, too! I thought the pancake mix was going to spill out but it didnt, Lol. Is that a Pyrex skillet she was using? Never saw one before. And letting her use the plastic lettuce knife was brilliant – unlike my ex. 😡

    • Thanks for the compliment Koji. The skillet is actually ceramic and its non stick but we still use butter because everything taste better with butter 😄

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