Little Surfer Dude Parte’

baking big ideasI am so excited to show you this exciting surfer dude party I’ve been to just last week.

First of all the cake was of course made by me.  Many find it both very cute and funny so that’s a great thing.  What I love most about this besides Mikee balancing on top of a big wave is the dude just below him who had fallen from his surf board.  I had to google for a lot of surfer photos before I finally came up with this cool idea.

For a closer look at the cake and the surfer party check out the video below.  .

A very funny magician who can make the audience fly or dance like Michael Jackson, look like Manny Pacqiao, spin your head, makes snow and so much more.  He was AWESOME the entire time!  Check him out on the video above.

artistic milestones

This whole surfer dude party was organized by Do Me A Favor . I’ve been to two parties which they have organized and it’s always been a blast.  Everything is done without a hitch, its perfection. artistic milestones

The place feels like Summer without the extreme heat because it’s air conditioned and I just love it!
artistic milestones

Thank you for reading and please come back soon ! Happy Holy Week Everyone!


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