Frozen Castle and Sven

Here’s another Frozen Castle Cake project of mine for a four year old snow queen.  It took me a lot of thinking to come up with this design, I think I may have already picked my brain out on the Big Frozen Castle project I did a few months back.  Below’s my final draft, just a little bit different than the final cake.

Baking Big IdeasI wanted it to shape as much like the actual Frozen castle and the designs to be elegant, a bit regal, and snowy but not too much snowflakes.  I think my meticulousness can be seen in the way I designed the details from the cake to the cake board.  Check out my funny 1 minute compiled video below.

Talk about Frozen, I thought I’d show you guys the smallest Olaf ever made

Baking Big Ideas

Thank you so much for reading, watching, following, and subscribing to my youtube channel 🙂


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