Avilon Zoo (revisited)

The moment I found out that our daughter’s having a family school field trip at Avilon Zoo I thought of my buddy ol’ pal Trixie, the friendliest Orangutan I’ve ever known.  I’m so excited to visit her again.  See Trixie+Me Selfie below.

Avilon Zoo

She looks tired when we got there because there were so many people lining up for a photo with her but her enduring bright smile is always perfect.  Oh, and have I ever told you she has super soft hands?!


Baby American Black Bear whom our tour guide called Pooh.  Enjoying his diet full of pineapples, corn, banana, and cucumber.  I think I’ll bring him a pot of honey next time.

Ark Avilon Zoo

Unfortunately the leopard here looks bored and frustrated as he was just doing fast pace walking back and forth at one side of his cage the whole time I was there.  And I was there for 20 minutes! Poor thing.  Back in 2013 I remember it was the jaguar and the white tiger who were doing the exact same thing but this year they were both sleeping so I’m not sure how “fine” are they.

Avilon Zoo

The newest animal here are the two giraffes.  They really built a big beautiful place for them, great for taking photos but not at all like their natural habitat…hmmm…

artsitic milestones

Here’s a shot of the whole place exclusively for the two giraffes.

Avilon Zoo

It’s amazing to see their long dexterous tongue reaching out for the carrots which we paid P50 ( about US $1.20) each.  Hopefully they have a better diet with greens than just carrots.

avilon zoo

This is the unforgettable moment : Bug extremely scared of snake she turned red! haha!

avilon zoo

My daughter tried sleeping upside down when we got home.

avilon zoo

I just love the look of this Blue Crowned Pigeon.  So sophisticated and mean looking.

ark avilon zoo

I think I enjoyed this trip more than my kid as the only animal she really cared for seeing are the tigers and guinea pigs.

Ark Avilon Zoo

Hundreds more animals in this zoo but my faves are the Hippos, Armadillos, White Tiger, Giraffes and different types of Monkeys, Zebras, leopard and the gigantic Arapaimas.  For Php600 ( US $15) entrance fee, I think its totally worth it especially because the place is so clean and beautiful (even the comfort room) and the tour guide is very informative.


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