Team Umizoomi Cake (Part 2) & Ninja Turtles Cake

Team Umizoomi

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 8.52.21 AM There has got to be a new cartoon everyday because I cannot keep track of them.   I’ve never heard of Team Umizoomi before I got this project and if you think this cake is overly decorated then obviously you have not watched this as well.  Its a very colorful kids show that reinforces math skills, shape and pattern recognition in a cute and fun way.
Baking Big Ideas / Artistic MilestonesThis cake was due 3 days after my vacation break so it was kind of rush but being an expert in all things cute and girly I think I pulled it off pretty good.  Since I’m sure Cailee loves Milli (the girl character ) so much I focused on her ability to make different patterns.  So lots of fun patterns on the cake.  And to personalize the cake nicely I glued her photo eating a cupcake on the robot right in the center of the cake.
artistic milestones Cailee celebrated her birthday in school.  I’m very grateful for Cailee’s mom for sending me all these adorable pictures.  Check out Cailee’s chubby squeezable cheeks!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT )

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 8.47.47 AM

I told myself ones that I never wanted to make a TMNT cake because I don’t like that movie ever since I was a child.  To summarize, this movie it’s about an ugly bunch of turtle heroes who are trained by a huge rat, loves pizza, and in love with a human girl.  Yup, I know this show very well because I have a cousin who adored this movie back in the 80s to the point that he has to have pizza snack while watching this show.   The pizzas never fail to lure me and my sisters into watching this with him…quite pathetic.

baking big ideas

If you’re a fan of ninja turtles I’m sorry for my criticism I just don’t like sweaty looking turtles who look like a mutation of Arnold Schwarzenegger…I think they desperately need some barbie makeover.

But surprisingly I really enjoyed making this chocolate cake since it was a bit of a challenge.


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