Umizoomi Cake __ part 1

Vacation over, just arrived from my yearly medical check up in Singapore yesterday.  I’m now starting to feel the excitement of the new year!

artistic milestones

A couple of days before I left for Singapore I had an Umizoomi and Ninja Turtles cake orders due after my vacation break (Jan 9 ).  I was planning to turn down one order but decided to trust my trusty minions to help me.   After a thorough research and planning of the cake designs I had to make 15 or more pounds of fondant.  Before leaving I gave my minions five specific instructions for the Umizoomi cake.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 9.55.05 PM

1. Bake and then shape two 8″ round butter cakes into number 3.

2.  The Height = 16″  and width 8″

3. Buttercream the cake and cover it entirely with orange fondant with pantone 130U.

4. Cover it entirely with cling wrap twice and freeze it till I get back.

5.  Send me a picture of the finished project thru viber or email.

I was so happy when I received this picture.

baking big ideas

Well done minions! Now all I had to do when I got back is the fun stuff.  Decorating!


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