The true meaning of Christmas and a Christmas Cake

At first I was planning to do a fat Santa Clause stuck on the chimney type of cake or maybe a snowy reindeer cake.   But three Sundays ago in church while I was battling my concentration between the priest and my three year old I heard the priest said “Its Christmas.  Happy Birthday Lord Jesus, God. Here’s my gift to you,,.”  This was kind of a wake up realization for me.  It reminded me that the child of Christmas IS GOD. Christmas is all about Him.

Then all sorts of questions popped up

Where the H did Santa come from? and Gingerbreads? and etc.  How do I make this three year old sit down the entire mass?

I never quite figured out the answers but I knew the type of cake design I wanted to make.   A Nativity Cake.  And if I have the time, I’d want to make it a fruit cake.

Below is a painting I got from the net, it was my inspiration. I love the way the light shined on the stable against the blue starry background and I just had to incorporate those in my Christmas cake.

The humble beginnings of our Lord Jesus is so beautiful.  He was born in a manger on a silent starry night.  This is the true meaning of Christmas and the very first Christmas.

My Nativity cake features fondant figures of an Angel, Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus and two sheep.  I put a tiny light bulb in the manger for the special effect.  Then I painted the background in a piece of corrugated board to complete the whole picture. It turned out looking so PRECIOUS!

Please check out my cake video below and turn up your volume.  Towards the end I also added some scenes from my daughters Christmas performance with her classmates, they celebrated the true meaning of Christmas.  Bless them!

Last December 8.  A typhoon hit my country again, Typhoon Ruby.  Thank God it wasn’t like last year’s Typhoon Yolanda.  But still some people died.  One of them was a three month old infant, a huge tree fell right on his bed where he was sleeping.  I was hurt and angry when I saw the news and I pray for his mother that she will find peace and hope ones again.

For those who became homeless and hungry.  Please help them and pray for them as well.  Christmas is not about who we are or what we have.  ” Christmas are always about who we want, hope and strive to be.  They are about us getting together as families.”– by Dr Phil.

My Christmas wish for my family and friends and for all of you, is to find true happiness through things that cannot be found under your Christmas tree but through helping others.

Here’s a beautiful version of the song O Holy Night by Josh Groban.  Every time I watch this I always tear up a little because not only is Groban’s voice fantastic but this movie also shows scenes from the film The Nativity Story, it shows what Christmas is.

Feliz Navidad Readers!


4 thoughts on “The true meaning of Christmas and a Christmas Cake

  1. Wow, Abby, what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your incredible Nativity cake. You are such an artist. May you experience deep joy and happiness as you and your family celebrate Jesus’ birthday at Christmas time.

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