A Christmas Addiction: One Hundred and Ten Gingerbread Man + Recipe

Decembers are actually the busiest time of the year, for my family at least.  In the office, there’s rush orders.  At my kid’s school, additional hour of performance practice.  At home, helpers want to go back to their provinces early.  Not to mention, the recent typhoon in my country a few weeks ago is the worst part of this all.  But thank God it wasn’t like last year’s typhoon Yolanda.

It was just last week when my family finally found the time to put up our Christmas tree, hang the old decors and Christmas lights that automatically plays different Christmas songs over and over.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t annoying, it just made me reminisce past Christmases.

artistic milestones

Gift-wise, I actually planned to relax ( to be lazy) by just giving away an easy to bake crunchy oatmeal cookies to everyone but my baker-gene got the better of me and I just had to make 110 pieces of decorated gingerbread men!

artistic milestones

I’m starting to think it’s a Christmas addiction.  Quite a rare condition that even most doctors never heard of.

I’ve probably made over a thousand gingerbread man in my lifetime and still counting.  I wasn’t suppose to make them this year due to my very busy schedule but I couldn’t resist.  That new cookie cutter I bought on sale last July was calling me since October.

So last Sunday I finally sang “Let it dough! Let it dough! Can’t hold it back anymore…”  and I brought out all my ingredients and hibernated in my kitchen covered with flour, butter, and molasses.

But instead of taking the usual 3-4 hours decorating I made the decors nice and simple, using only white and red colored royal icing, which only took less than half the time.

I also made these guys smaller than usual, about 2 inch tall each.  But be warned, they’re a bit harder to decorate than big ones which is one of the reason why I made my decors very simple.

Then I filled up my five cookie jars, labeled them, taped around it to make sure it’s air tight, tied a ribbon and ready to give.

artistic milestones

After wrapping up five jars of gingerbread man and consuming seven broken pieces I wanted to make more More MORE!  Yup! it’s a Christmas addiction.

Happy Holidays Readers! Click the image below for the Recipe.

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 6.31.41 PM


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