A Thanksgiving – Turkey – Birthday Party

Thanksgiving means many things to different people but for my family, the holiday of Thanksgiving is synonymous with spending time with family and friends, deliciously festive foods and most importantly my brother’s birthday.

Last Sunday we celebrated a Thanksgiving Birthday for my brother, Kat and I are in charge of everything fruits, desserts and decorations and my kitchen diva mom was in charge of the main course.

We made the decors mostly about Fall season and turkeys using lots of natural outdoor materials to make the place look cozy and rustic.

artistic milestones

A chalkboard sign with an owl looking turkey.

artistic milestones

Paper turkeys and a bucket of pumpkins with wood and natural hays.

artistic milestones

Turkey fruit arrangement.


Turkey Butter Cake and Pumpkin Pie with Turkey topper.

baking big ideas

Real Stuffed 30 pounds Turkey! Care of my proud mom.  First things first, let it cool for another 30 minutes then remove the stitches to reveal the rice stuffing.  Best eaten with turkey gravy and cranberry sauce.  Yum!

Did I just made you hungry?

You know my family never used to celebrate thanksgiving on Novembers. I actually can’t even remember when we started but I know why we decided to start celebrating.  And the reason is TURKEY.

Our little turkey story started on a November day two thousand something. While mom was planning for a weekend menu for my brother’s birthday she came across a turkey recipe on a magazine. It was a simple unstuffed turkey but the procedure and marinade recipe looks great. 1. Thaw a frozen turkey for three and a half days. 2. Marinade with some herbs and wine for a day. 3. Butter it well and bake for maybe four hours. And 4. Make the gravy out of turkey liver, giblets etc.

artistic milestones

Mom showed me the recipe and got me excited as well. We happily bought our very first frozen 25 pounds turkey from the supermarket.  We refrigerated it and impatiently waited for it to thaw for days. While I was constantly checking the big bird in our fridge to see if it has already thawed, by poking it every time I get a drink of water. My mom was searching for a perfect rice stuffing.  She found one made with lots of herbs, peppers and chorizo which made it practically everyones favorite.  To make a long story short. Our stuffed turkey turned out super awesome. Everyone in my family stuffed themselves with turkey and pumpkin soup on my brother’s birthday. That night mom realized two things. First, we should start celebrating thanksgiving. And Second, we just spent 4 whole days in the kitchen staring at a turkey, well not literally.

Below are more scenes from last Sunday.

Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 11.20.57 AM

Gobble Gobble chalkboard sign.  Chocolate Eclairs with pictures of my brother as a turkey.

artistic milestones

Pumpkin breads and Baklavas.

artistic milestonesMore pastries.  Sugar coated assorted nuts as appetizers.

artistic milestones

Thanksgiving Photo Booth.  The Banner on top says THANKFUL.

artistic milestones

We dressed up our table with pumpkins, pinecones, turkeys, chicks, cranberries and flowers.

baking big ideas

Aside from turkey, mom also prepared her homemade creamy pumpkin soup, beef steak and crispy fish fillets.  And for someone who have experienced making a stuffed turkey, I’m very thankful for all the food preparations that mom did, it was for sure very exhausting.  When all the guests arrived, the turkey still needed more time in the oven.  Thats another challenge for her, how to be hospitable in the midst of all the food preparation frenzy, but she did it . She did it with grace and poise.  She did it without…

Everyone enjoyed the foods,  they enjoyed each other’s company, and they enjoyed the decors.  All the hours spent on making these decorations and desserts were well worth it.

Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 5.02.38 AM

Above is a photo of the pumpkin soup and my Thankful Tree, I hanged up some names of the people I’am thankful for.

How’s your Thanksgiving? I hope you had/have great foods, great company and abundant laughter.

And remember : There is always, Always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.  Gobble Gobble!


4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving – Turkey – Birthday Party

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Happy Birthday to your brother too. Love how you and your family celebrated Thanksgiving. The Turkey theme idea, just festive, fun, full of creativity and surprises. Yes, they made me hungry! A joyful event. I spent a week of Thanksgiving in Austin with our relative. So much fun, food and friendship. It was hard to leave. All the best to you and your family.

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