Medieval Knight Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is so exciting especially if it is for a best friend. Our friend Kathrine is already 9 months pregnant as of this November so it is THE if not almost time to deliver the baby!  I can’t even believe why we were still preparing for a baby shower and not for her delivery, my god!

The inspiration for this Medieval knight baby shower came from the name of Queen Kathrine’s son-to-be Kingsley.  Love the sound of that name!  I am an avid believer that a person’s name do somehow shapes a person’s personality.    And with that name I’m pretty sure this baby will be very brave and adventurous.

So of course, any amazing event has to start off with an amazing invitation.

artistic milestones

Discover what life was like living in a castle garden.  Check out our Medieval banquet. As you can see, purple, silver and gold is the color of the day.

Baking Big Ideas

There’s our gorgeous and very pregnant Queen Kathrine holding her one-layer chocolate cake topped with a dragon protecting a baby king.

baking big ideas

Below is another cake — 3D mouse and cheese.   We also served roasted chickens with vegetables and all sorts of desserts.  At lower right, we printed out and enlarged an ultra-sound photo of the future King and framed it.

Baking Big Ideas

Chocolate cream puffs, pies, cupcakes and etc.

artistic milestones

Swords in the stone.

artistic milestones

Simple yet very refreshing party theme and I believe this historical theme will also be perfect for both kids and adult birthdays.  So if you’re ready to step back into history you may contact us at Baking Big Ideas for inquiries.

Baking Big Ideas

Fare thee well, My Goodman.



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