Celestine’s Tangled Birthday / Rapunzel Cake

Frozen is an amazing movie, no doubt, but honestly I am getting tired of it, especially the ‘Let It Go’ song, GOSH! it has been on repeat since forever!  Let it go people!  I can’t wait for Disney to come up with a new movie soon that would replace it because its seriously hurting my eardrum.  I’m sure my daughter feels the same way too because she stopped singing it completely like a couple of weeks ago. 

When Celeste was 2 years old attending her friends and families birthday parties I realized that birthdays are actually becoming a big deal for her.  She is always excited to blow candles on cake and people always tell her “no, it’s not your birthday” and she enjoys dancing with other kids, balloons and fun games.   So on her 3rd birthday I made sure she’s having a simple little party.   

Baking big ideas

But not the cake.  I don’t think she will ever get a simple cake from me plus I think that a long haired girl in a tower is the best way to get the point across.

baking big ideas

Before planning my little lady’s birthday party I first asked her what her favorite princess was and she said it was Cinderella, later it was Princess Elsa, later it was Ariel, later it was Rapunzel, later it was Belle, later it was princess whatchamacallit.  No sooner did I realize that little kids can’t make choices, they change their mind like on hourly basis.  So as a neurotic cake mom and also a big fan of Rapunzel I settled on a Tangled Party for her .  Tangled btw, is the animated Disney Rapunzel movie – She’s the only princess with super long and magical blonde hair kidnapped by an old woman who can’t afford botox and cosmetic surgery and rescued by a wanted thief. 

baking big ideas

I like to keep her party simple because i don’t believe in spending loads on a toddler who will already be extremely happy with a cake, balloons and friends to share their special day.  For a Rapunzel Centerpiece, I turned the Frozen centerpiece into a Play dough holder then I put a picture of Celeste in the middle, glued some Tangled images, then I took some of my yellow thread to make the long hair.  TaDaaa! 

baking big ideas Like my husband, Celeste is a social animal, parties with lots of people makes her hyper happy so its no doubt that her 3rd birthday will be be celebrated at home and also in school with all her playmates.

Baking Big Ideas

Everyone needs a cake on their birthday.  It is the highlight of the party, it is the time you get to be on the spotlight and the time to make all your very important wishes.  Celeste said she wished for ” a very long hair.”  Oookay, that is very important.

baking big ideas

Here are the cupcakes swirled with butter-cream cheese frosting.  So delish.  How cute is Pascal? the floating lanterns, the mini Tower, the frying pan and everything else! The kids absolutely adored them. Celestine’s favorite is Pascal, she ate a cupcake of him and the pascal on the cake tower.

Artistic Milestones

Some more pictures: Very simple decors at home, Poster of Flynn Rider on the cake, and the crown her classmates made for her at school.  Each kid made her initial which is the letter “C” plus the small flowers and pasted them on the crown.

Charles lu

The monday we celebrated her birthday it was extremely traffic because of the heavy rain as a result Celestine’s party time was cut in half,  I was very grateful to her teacher because she allotted time to continue her birthday party the following day.

artistic milestones

Since this is a school I thought it would be a fun idea to teach kids how to make Pascal (Rapunzel’s camellion).  I just bought the party blowers and paper products at the bookstore.  Super easy, super cute and super fun for preschoolers.  You can google the tutorial for this.


While baking in the kitchen my twin was becoming quite adamant as to why I should be making Frozen cakes instead of Tangled so we had a little useless argument as usual, because nothing is better than spending your leisure time having useless argument with your twin.

Twin : Everyone’s into Frozen right now

Me : Hello! Most are tired of it

Twin : Hello! Kids love Queen Elsa because she can make ice castles.

Me : Big deal.  Rapunzel can heal people.

Twin : Everyone loves Olaf too

Me : No.  Besides Rapunzel has a Camelion that turns into a flower ha!

baking big ideas tangled cake

Twin : Elsa’s prettier and

Me: – Hello! she has an old woman’s hair.  Whereas Rapunzel has super fighting hair.

useless stuff

useless stuff

and more useless stuff.

Of course I knew Frozen won over Tangled but then I’m just so tired of it.   Plus I’ve been to three Frozen themed parties and no Tangled yet.

baking big ideas

Have a slice

What do you guys think, should I have made Frozen? and are you tired of their songs as much as I do?  Don’t forget to check out the video on top of the page.  The song was by Mandy Moore.  I love her angelic voice and all her songs so you better check it out.   ( I had to upload the video one more time since youtube told me I  can’t use the song, oops! )


Anyways, Thank you so much for reading!


6 thoughts on “Celestine’s Tangled Birthday / Rapunzel Cake

  1. I miss out on all those parties at my age. 🙂 This is another fabulous work of art. I’m glad she was able to continue her party the next day, what a great teacher Celeste has.

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