Frozen Birthday Party, Frozen Castle Cake

Move over Minions, there’s Frozen fever in the Philippines.  It’s every little girl’s new obsession and perhaps everyones favorite cartoon.  The video above shows the Frozen Palace cake I made.  It didn’t really turned out as nice as I had hoped it would.  I really wanted it to have icy stairs instead of the blue door.   Tried a couple of times making it but failed.   Watch the video for a  closer look and see the actual Queen Elsa and Princess Anna sing.

I was aghast when my two year old sang the WHOLE “let it go” song word for word.  I was like WHAT?! I didn’t know a two year old can sing this good!  I recorded her and would gladly post it but she was wearing nothing but her towel wrapped around her body which fell several times. OOOPS!

I’ve been to quite a few Frozen birthday parties and I can tell that it’s just one of the best party theme ever because it’s almost like Christmas and the music was just spectacular.  Below are just some of my favorite Frozen things at the parties. Everything so sparkly and blue.

artistic milestones

This is the best Frozen backdrop I’ve seen because unlike others, this one has the icy stairs which is one of my favorite details from the movie.

artistic milestones

Dancing Olaf Mascot

Centerpieces.  Left side is made of Styrofoam and cardboard.  Right side is a custom made Olaf doll.

Centerpieces. Left side is made of Styrofoam, balloon and cardboard. Right side is a custom made Olaf doll.

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 8.47.31 AM

customized Frozen chocolate bars

artistic milestones

Giveaways — Magic Snow Potion!

The best party favor for a Frozen Party I’ve got is definitely the DIY Snow.  Genius! It comes in a nice star glass jar like the picture above.  Inside is a white powder to which you add cold water and it expands to look like snow.  When it dries it goes back to powder form so you can reuse it again and again.  My daughter loved this and I bet any kid and grown up would love it.  Its non-toxic, used for diapers.

Baking Big Ideas Frozen Cake

Of course my favorite photo is my absolutely adorable cake.  I put a dark background behind it so you can really see the dangling icy crystals and frozen fractals all around…., those are actually the first once that disappeared during the party.

Frozen fever aside, my daughter’s 3rd birthday is coming soon and I’m now planning her disney cake.   Want to guess the theme?  I’ll give you two hints: 1. Not Frozen and 2. Cameleon 🙂



14 thoughts on “Frozen Birthday Party, Frozen Castle Cake

    • Thanx so much Sha, I miss your posts too. I got really busy and had no time for my cake hobby and blogging the past few months. Hopefully I’m back more often.

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