Easter Egg Hunting and Animal Food Arts

This year’s Holy Week hubby and I just wanted to stay at home and relax.  I’m tired, hubby just got back from a business trip and lil’ Celeste has a bad cough. If you know me, you’ll know that whenever I’m at home relaxing, my mind automatically thinks of something to do in the kitchen.  So here are some few nice things I had whipped up.

Pancake Snake for breakfast  — This is really easy to make, just put the pancake batter in a large syringe and swirl it onto the hot pan.  Pretty cool huh?

artistic milestones

And here’s a super adorable one, I called them “Buttery Little Pups.”  These are actually dinner rolls but more buttery.  I will be posting the recipe and instructions next.

artistic milestones

Besides spending time in the kitchen, last Thursday my sisters urged me to organize an Easter Egg hunt which I think is a great idea.  Except for the part where I will be the one organizing, but since they said “you won’t be paying for any stuff if you did all the ” hard work” (they know I HATE shopping ).”  I agreed.  So I went to a nearby mall and bought 105  pcs of plastic eggs and little toys and trinkets to fill them up for the Easter Egg hunt.  baking big ideas

I also bought 5 giant eggs  and 5 golden eggs for the 5 kids who will be attending and filled it up with bigger toys and candies which made them go even crazier.

artistic milestones

It was so fun to look at them running around the garden looking for the eggs.  Talk about eggs, hubby brought home Frozen disney chocolate egg surprises.  They come with little neat figures of Frozen characters inside.

artistic milestones

Well that’s it.  What did you do this Holy Week? 🙂


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