Sleeping Beauty __ Fauna’s Failed Cake

Disney’s Maleficent will be showing this coming May and I’m definitely counting down. It’s about time someone creates a non-animated version of Sleeping Beauty.  Maleficent is going to be Angelina Jolie! and she looks stunningly wicked in her costume.

artistic milstones

The animated cartoon was good and I’m hoping Disney’s Maleficent will be so much more interesting.  My favorite part in Sleeping Beauty was when the three good fairies namely Flora, Fauna and Merryweather decided not to use any magic while preparing for Princess Aurora’s surprise birthday party.  In case you forgot the cake scene, below are some pics to revive your memory.  Fauna the green fairy was the one in charge of making the cake.

Fauna (green fairy ) : ” Well what do you think of the cake?”

Sleeping Beauty Cake

Fauna ” Well what do you think of the cake? “

Flora ( red fairy ) : “It’s a very unusual cake”

sleeping beauty cake

Fauna : “Of course it’ll be much stiffer after its baked.”

artistic milestones

Even though Fauna’s cake was nothing but a total failure it was still a big glob of inspiration for someone like me because I am just so in love with “wonky-falling cakes”   — a.k.a. cakes that only look like its falling apart. — The Disney’s Maleficent trailer have reminded me of the Sleeping Beauty cake scene so that’s what I had planned for my only big sister’s birthday.  This is the second time I made “wonky-falling cakes”, click HERE for the first one I made.

artistic milestones / baking big ideas

Can you spot the three fairies?  I guess with a little tinkering here and there, a little physics, and a lot of muscle was all it took for me to be able to reconstruct Fauna’s cake back to life.  We used maybe 18 pounds of fondant in constructing this 8 tier wonky cake.  The edible wooden floor at the base really adds to it.

artistic milestones

I bet anyone who comes close to this cake wouldn’t dare lay a finger on it being afraid it will fall off.  But I assure you it wouldn’t.  This miraculously endured an hour and a half of bumpy ride in my car with a two year old plotting to grab the broomstick.

artistic milestones

The three good fairies adds an extra special touch don’t you think?  Fortunately my sister were able to find them.  Merryweather is my favorite amongst the three 🙂

artistic milestones

I could not have done this fantastic wonder without my twin and friend.

baking big ideas

Of course the best part is that you get to eat this incredibly wonky cake!!!  But only a maximum of 5 slices of cake per guest!!  Will it fall???  See it live in the 2 minutes video below!

Hope you like this and if you love to see more “wonky-falling cakes” please subscribe/ follow/ comment here and on my youtube channel HERE.  Thanx a bunch guys! 🙂



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24 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty __ Fauna’s Failed Cake

  1. OH MY GOD! This cake is awesome! How creative … I’ve recently been baking myself 12 x 12 Chocolate Challenge (total amateur not at the professional level like you :)) If I got a cake like this I would totally do a cartwheel. Giving you a virtual high-five!

    • LOL! Wow your comment made my day, thank you so much for that and for the high-five! But I’m no professional, I had a couple of failed fiers and wasted ingredients before I actually got it right. Thanx again 🙂

    • Took me about less than 3 days to make this but the planning part took way more than 3 days. Thanx a lot Fujiko 🙂

    • I was scared but then I told myself that if all else fail I can always give my sister the bottom tier for her birthday lol 🙂 thanks!

    • Thank u Atch. This was very challenging to make but the moment I remembered the sleeping beauty cake scene I just know it will be the right one for you. Lots of great memories about this movie back then.

  2. I love your cake, I’m planning in making a cake like this for my daughter, and would love to know how to get my cake to stay like this? Do you mind sharing the inside structure of the cake? I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Thank You for stopping by Indira. Actually the whole thing is not all-cake. Only the bottom layer and the top layer is real cake, the rest is styrofoam. I’ve tried making a few more layers into real cake but failed. The most thing is to have a wooden base so it’s very sturdy. I used 3 dowels to secure the first 4 layers of cake then i used 3 more dowels to secure the top 4 layers. Each 3 dowels should form like a triangle with equal sides so it’s stable. Hope this help 🙂

  3. it’s amazing!! really! quick question, it’s entirely made of cake, or just the top tier is actually cake?, do you have any tutorials ? cause i want to make this cake for my sister’s birthday, but i don’t know how!! please help me !

  4. You are incredibly talented!!! An hour and a half drive?? My gosh! And Styrofoam or not, what an effort! Loved the candle positioning. I hope my little cake does NOT see this!

    • You flatter me . Thanx 😚 a lot. Its one of the most exciting cake i have made because it not only looks fun but it brought back lots of fond memories when my siblings and I were still very young.

  5. Your cake is gorgeous. I’m making this for my granddaughter the 30th. How did u incorporate the styrofoam? I found that more plausible than cake. Did u dowel the entire thing together and dowel each layer? And where do u get styrofoam? Ha-ha. Never used it, so I’m assuming I have to cut it out. Thanks!

    • Hi Janice sorry for my late reply. I used 3 dowels to secure the first 4 layers of cake then i used 3 more dowels to secure the top 4 layers. Each 3 dowels should form like a triangle with equal sides so it’s stable. You need a pretty long dowel. I bought a cylinder styro and had to shape each layer myself, that was the boring hard part haha 🙂

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