Oven from recycled box

So I realize that kids are born spoiled brats.  The older they get the more they want expensive toys, whats worst is that they lose interest in them very quickly.  My usual monthly budget for my kid’s toys is gone POOF! after just one date to the toy store.  And it’s barely the end of the month.  No more budget = no more new toys = whiny manipulative toddler.

” I want to buy oven please! I want to cook pizza! I want to make cake…..I want…I want…I want…”

artistic milestones / Homemade oven / DIY oven

Since I couldn’t easily distract her because she often see me baking and cooking I knew I had to either buy one which means spending P4500 ( thats about $105 ) for the oven she wanted or for what seemed crazy at first, make one.

homemade clay

So a few nights ago I came across a bright idea on the internet, making an oven out of recycled box.

Artistic Milestones

Super easy and cheap.  Few things that I actually bought are the small bucket of yellow paint, paper fastener and velcro from the bookstore so this oven cost me P180 ( thats around $3.5 ).  Crazy cheap. It has a stove top with burner, oven switch that clicks, knob that turns, timer, burner and a “glass” oven door.   Everything a kid needs to cook up a feast.  So no more take outs !

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 8.52.18 AM

If you’re interested in DIY, here are the things you will need and do:

– An old box with cover  — This will be the oven.  If you don’t have one lying around you can buy it in any bookstore for less than P100

– 2 old CDs —  This will be the 2 burners that you will be glueing on top of the stove , decorate it with permanent markers to make them look more realistic  (see picture above )

– Transparency Paper  — This is the oven glass

– Medicine or condiment caps and paper fasteners —  These are for the oven control knobs.

– Empty roll of Aluminum foil as door handle

– Velcro – small pieces will be glued to the oven door to keep them shut.

– Tools : Glue gun, Cutter, scissor, Ruler, Permanent Paint and screw driver.

– About 2.5 hours of your time

– and of course lots and lots of HOMEMADE PLAY DOUGH to make foods!

artistic milestones

artistic milestones

artistic milestones

artistic milestones

I was really happy that she loved this oven and was immersed for hours with her plastic plates and utensils and homemade play doughs.  She even puts her real food inside the oven and pretend that she baked it.   What an imaginative little chef she’s turning out to be 🙂


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