Healthy Food Arts __ Part 3

Been doing food art  or food arrangements for my kid every now and then or whenever I find some time on weekends.  I just love seeing her face lit up every time she sees her meal.  These are just very simple foods and food arrangements that you can very easily do at home.

1.  Sunday Church
Ingredients : The Sun is made of sliced bananas, the cross is made of raisins, the roof is a slice of watermelon, the bricks are peanut butter and jelly.
Church food art

2.  Sunshine
Ingredients : Spaghetti and Green beans.

3. Octopus
Ingredients : French Toast, orange, raisin eyes and banana mouth.

Octopus Food art

4. Lizards
Ingredients : The Lizards are made of pancakes, bananas and raisins for eyes, peanut butter for the pattern.  I added a tiny bit of water in my peanut butter to make it just a tiny bit less sticky to easily do the pattern.

Lizard Food Art / artistic milestones

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