Don’t You Forget About Me

I don’t go out shopping for outfits and fashion stuff, but for some reason I managed to still look like a decent human being with all the hand me downs and free outfits I have.  The last time I actually bought stuff other than food for myself was perhaps two years ago.  And that was the replacement of my spectacle that my daughter broke, this wasn’t even counted as shopping says my sisters.

Anyways my  reliable 4 year old sandals are already looking pretty sick.  Mottled, loose straps, and worn out soles, her days are definitely numbered.  Poor thing.  We’ve been through so much together.  I wear them every week with dresses, shorts or jeans. During parties, vacations, dates, and workdays.  I marveled at the quality and versatility of these old pals.  Plus the memories they create.  But, my mom who still tells me what to do all the time says she felt embarrassed whenever I wear this with her and first begged me and then demanded me to go shopping.  Ay.  So there I was at the crowded mall yesterday.  Shopping.  Walking.  and Searching for a new friend (sandals) that would probably replace the old.

And there it is.  A brand new sandals.  Lets see what legacy you’ll leave me with.

For now.  Here are my old pals.  I will never forget shoe.

artistic milestones daily prompt

This is for the Daily Prompt : Don’t You Forget About Me


6 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me

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