Capt’n Gabe’s Cake — 3D chocolate cake

I was really excited when I got this order, it took the longest to make but it was a lot of fun.  The customer who ordered this wanted a 2 layer Jake and the Neverland Pirate cake but I suggested that a cake made of ship would be more awesome and as you can see, IT IS !

Baking Big Ideas / Artistic Milestones

Ahoy Mateys! Arrr! How do you like me pirate ship cake?

The whole ship was made of chocolate cake. The mom wanted toy figures (instead of edible sugar figures ) for the cake so her son could keep the toys after the party.  I had to order them right away before I could thoroughly plan the design of the cake. Baking Big Ideas As soon as the toys arrived I was so excited to start making the ship.  The size of the toys were just perfect, except for the treasure chest. Baking Big Ideas Treasure Chest I did’nt use the toy treasure chest for it was too small instead I made a much larger one out of chocolate cake and filled it up with candies and M&Ms YUM-MEEE! Baking Big Ideas I swirled some blue vanilla buttercream to create the ocean effect and the sand was made of crushed graham cookies.  Pretty neat right? Baking Big Ideas Pirate Cake I absolutely love everything in this cake!  The pirate party took place at school so I had to deliver this cake real early like around 7 am because I still have to go to my real work at like 9 am (the truth is I was late for work that day. Boohoo ) Baking Big Ideas / Artistic Milestones Well thats that, blast with ya all ye scallywags!


16 thoughts on “Capt’n Gabe’s Cake — 3D chocolate cake

  1. Wo O O …My God! So beautiful and inspiring me to do more… its going to be a challenge for my son’s birthday. Good luck in all future endeavors my friend! I shall remember you in all my doubts while making… How do you store after you finish entirely

    • Hi Rhema thanx so much! I didn’t know you make fondant cakes. I’d love to see your creations, do you have a link? I store them at room temp on the table in my cake-room or place where I decorate cakes.

      • Yeah I do. I still look for perfection when I see cakes from people like you. I have not posted them yet. I do it for friends’ birthdays. How many days can it stay in the room temperature without spoiling.

        • I usually give myself a maximum of 2 days to work on a cake because in my experience most people who order fondant cakes will not eat it right away they’ll wait a day or two or more before they actually eat it. I guess they want to admire the cake that long before consuming it. In my experience it will take 5 to 6 days at room temp before they start to spoil depending on the weather.

      • Also, i wanted to know, when the temperature is high, the sugars start to melt and appears silky. Ans when I keep in fridge, it becomes hard. The whole soft and luscious cake is gone. What do I do?

        • Are you using marshmallow fondant? You need to adjust the recipe of your fondant. I add some tylose to my fondant if the temp is high.

        • I used almond mix to make fondant. Tylose is sugar right? What kind of fondant you choose to make? can you briefly explain? sorry to interrupt you every now and then.

        • I’ve actually never heard of mixing almond in fondant. Tylose I believe is a type of non toxic chemical used to make fondant dry faster and it makes a little more flexible as well. I make my fondant using the one with gelatin in it because in my experience its more weatherproof compare to the one with marshmallow. I bought several brands of commercial fondants to check it’s smoothness and pliability then I adjusted my fondant recipe so it’s almost similar. Took so many trial and errors but it’s worth it in the end bec it’s a lot cheaper.

  2. This is adorable! I know it was a hit, and you’ll be seeing orders from all the other moms now! Love the water and sand, and the toys were a great idea to add to it. And who wouldn’t want a treasure chest full of M&Ms?

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