Planning for an Alice in Wonderland Party

I’ve joined a lot of wonderful children’s party but just recently I’ve been invited to the best Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party I’ve ever been to which have prompted me to write about it.  It’s for a baby girl who just turned 1.   The party was held at Shangrila Hotel and it was so extravagant, clever and whimsical, it made me feel that I was really in a world of wonder wherein time seem to fly so quickly.  Below are some of the pictures I took.

On the left is the awe-inspiring ceiling decors, the balls are actually lanterns instead of the usual balloons (obviously not budget friendly).   And the right photo was the stunning center stage decor.  The actual place is so much brighter and better than my pictures believe me.

Baking Big Ideas

My favorite part of the room is this place where all the giveaways are placed.  Candies, toys, and mad hatter dolls.  And of course a very nice place to take pictures as well.

Baking Big Ideas

Here’s another spot in the room where anyone can try on different styles of hats.  There were originally a lot more hats hanging on the wall at the beginning of the party.  I took this picture of my daughter towards the end of the party so there were only two left.   (Don’t mind the pillow, it isn’t suppose to be there.  She got sleepy and started looking for it so … and yes we bring it everywhere )

Baking Big Ideas

Fun activities : Face and Body Painting on the left and Design your own mad hatter hat contest on the right.  There were also little tea party for girls.

Baking Big Ideas

The photo on the left below is the Mad Hatter doll giveaways.  The one on the right is the Design-your-own-cupcake Corner.

Baking Big Ideas

And here’s some of the fantastic table settings I took.  I took one hat with the flowers home with me 🙂  Each table also has a teapot with flowers and a picture frame that has some of the famous Alice in Wonderland quotes from the movie.  For instance the one below is written “We’re All MAD HERE!” and in some it says ” Curiouser and Curiouser” or “Your Nothing But a PACK OF CARDS! ”

Baking Big Ideas

Overall this was the best Alice in Wonderland Party I’ve been to, there were over 300 guests including over 50 jumpy kids.   I’ve been to quite a few Alice in Wonderland birthday parties but I think this one pulled the wonderland theme perfectly despite the fact that the ballroom is huge and there were so many tables to prepare.  The food buffet was superb and well presented especially the deserts.  I regret not taking pictures of them.  I keep promising myself to take picture after the first bite but I guess that never happened.  Anyways, I hope I’ve inspired you guys in some way to create your own Alice in Wonderland Party 🙂

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 9.30.09 AM


4 thoughts on “Planning for an Alice in Wonderland Party

  1. I forgot how truly big and celebratory birthday parties can be in the PI. Here, you’re lucky if you have 10 children along with their parents when they’re young. Not like the parties I remember from my youth. Looks like a great party!

    • I love attending 1st birthday parties because they’re usually very big, sometimes almost as big as weddings. This was a great party indeed. Thanx Kitt!

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