Transformers Cakes and Cupcakes __by Baking Big Ideas

Flavor : 1 layer of Light Butter Cake and 20 Choco Chips Cupcakes

Honestly I was a bit stressed when a customer ordered a transformer cake because as you might know the transformer robots are “quite” challenging to mold.   Thankfully the mom who ordered wanted a transformer toy on top of the cake.  Make sense I thought.  I mean, who would want an edible transformer that don’t transform right?

Baking Big ideas

Then few days later, the mom messaged me that she wanted to add 20 transformer cupcakes.   Since it wasn’t a rush order I had all the time to do my research and mold the parts of the robots.

Baking Big Ideas I knocked my head several times in my computer screen trying to get a closer look at how the autobots /robots were made.

Baking Big Ideas

I forgot the names of the robots but I think the middle one above is called Optimus Prime.

Baking Big Ideas

And the blue robot on the right one above is the villain name Wheeler, he turns into a motorcycle.

Well that’s it.  You may see more robots and weapons in the 1.5 minute video I compiled on top of the page.


12 thoughts on “Transformers Cakes and Cupcakes __by Baking Big Ideas

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  2. You are AMAZING! Love it! Really enjoyed seeing it in video too 🙂

    You’re a really special mum. Not all mums can do this.

    • I actually remembered your son when I made this cake because it’s a nice unique name. Thanks for the complement Sha 🙂

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