Disney Cakes

So many cakes to make in so little time.    Christmas season has been very busy which has left me with little time to properly organize my caking-room.  Then came January orders and I found out that the ghost of Christmas had hid all of my caking-tools because they are just out of site.   So delays, delays, delays, nothing but delays.   I had to put on my Disney cap so I can zoom and wizz around my little caking-room to organize all the mess.

Now that everything is back to normal and things seems much calmer, here I am ready to blog about my latest bakes.

Coolest Buzz Lightyear Cake – 1 layer of delicious Butter Cake.  

Baking Big Ideas

I have not watched Toy Story and didn’t know what it was until I made this cake.  When a customer called me to make a Buzz Lightyear cake I thought it was some sort of a race car type of cartoon.  Thanx to my dear old friend Google who showed me all about it.

I added the 3 aliens in the movie because I knew they would make the cake more fun.  I was so tempted to make a UFO spaceship but the customer only ordered a layer of cake.

Baking Big Ideas

Isn’t he just the coolest? No? He’s purely edible and with the capability of giving everyone a sugar crush.

Minnie Mouse Cake – 1 layer of delicious Carrot Cake

Baking Big Ideas

Made this for a very cute and chubby 2 year old.  Yum! Carrot is my favorite flavor among all the flavors I offer.  This was a rush order but I’m so happy it turned out perfect even with little time to plan.

Stay Tuned for Transformers and Pirate Cake coming soon !!!


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