50 kinds of Little Mermaid Cupcakes__ by Baking Big Ideas

I think all girls wants to be Ariel, I for sure wanted to be her when I was 6, I mean who doesn’t.  Nice boobs, long bouncy hair, incredibly sexy, killer voice, she’s got gadgets and gizmos a plenty, and whoozits and whatsits galore, and that thingamabobs, but who cares, no big deal, she wants moooore.… Making these cupcakes was very fun because it made me think of my childhood dreams and wishes that’s how I know exactly what Alessa wants as her birthday cupcakes.


This Mermaid party was organized by her mom.  From the balloons to the food to the table settings, to the custom made mermaid costumes all the way to the dance performance of Alessa and her friends (you may see the video on top of the page ).   I don’t know how she did it but she did it fabulously.  Everything was so bright and cheerful.  If only I had the time and driver to go back all the way to the party I would video the whole event to show you but sadly I don’t.  I was also very busy finishing the Nightmare Before Christmas Cake and Cupcakes Plus 100 Halloween Cupcakes all due the following day.

artistic milestones, Baking Big Ideas

I delivered these chocolate and banana cupcakes quite early and I was able to video part of the rehearsal practice.  It’s so so so cute and creative.  Cheers to her mom! I took pictures of the table settings but I lost that %$#* memory card.  I lost it along with my other cake projects, namely the panda cake and 120 Halloween cupcakes!  It really BLOWS!!! Sniff ! Die you memory card stealer!

artistic milestones

But basically Alessa’s mom used authentic sea shells of different kinds and sizes, my first thought were “Oh my, are these free?” haha because I really wanted to take them home with me.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this.  Chow!


7 thoughts on “50 kinds of Little Mermaid Cupcakes__ by Baking Big Ideas

  1. She really put a lot into this party. Those costumes are adorable! And she had the best cake-making lady around, too! I hope your missing card turns up–with all your photos.

    • Indeed, she’s also very resourceful. About the card, I’m beginning to think the ghost of Halloween had gotten it because I really couldn’t find it anywhere 😦 Thanks so much Patti!

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