Death In the Mirror

Halloween is near! Oh my! And it seems that it came a few days early for me.  Last night I received an anonymous phone call, a hoarse sounding voice told me and I quote

“ Shhhh…listen carefully.  You’d better beware, The most antique mirror had gone missing last night from Dr. Creepinstein’s old mansion.  The mirror was made by Dr. Creepinstein herself, from one of the rarest most precious metal, Iridium, and a bright red diamond was attached on it, known as the Heart of death… “  You may watch the short video above about how she made them.  Good Luck.

Baking Big Ideas, Artistic Milestones

Butter and sugar and everything dark that’s what these cupcakes are made of.

baking big ideas, artistic milestones

I’m not a big fan of horrible things but Halloween is near! And it is the best time to make a cake look creepy so from cute pumpkins to cute witches and ghosts I decided that ghoulish cupcakes are the way to go for a real Halloween feel.

Baking Big Ideas , Artistic Milestones

Haunted mirrors seems to pop up frequently in horror movies and I have to admit, no matter how many times I’ve “practiced” watching them I still get frightened when I look into the mirror after watching these things.  Especially when I need to wash my face before bedtime, I swear I can even hear the eerie sound effects in the movies, Ugh! I hate that.

Baking big ideas, artistic milestones

And so, should I say, “ to put the fun in the horror” I made these interesting little cupcakes.  These are actually very moist and nutty Carrot Cupcakes.  I have already killed two zombies before taking most of these pictures.

Baking Big Ideas, artistic milestones

Freaky, delicious and entirely edible so EAT IT IF YOU DARE ! Mwahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha h h h ahem, sorry, got carried away.

artistic milestones , baking big ideas

Hope you guys enjoyed this.  You may order these over at Baking Big Ideas.  (That’s right, Artistic Milestone Cakes is moving to a new location, please follow Baking Big Ideas on facebook for a super fun Halloween Party! )

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11 thoughts on “Death In the Mirror

    • Thank u, I’ve made a lot of these so I pretty much memorized them but in the beginning I had to put a sketch underneath and trace them.

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