Rush Orders: Hungry Panda and Cowboy Cakes

I have to warn you right off the bat, this post is going to be hunger inducing, and offensively self-indulgent one.  You might want to hold on to your phone right now

Go on, I can wait.

Ok ready? I will be showing you the culmination of five and a half days worth of constant caking.  When I say constant I mean I start caking from 5 to 8 in the morning then after work from 6:30 to 10:30 in the evening then afterwards I dream of cakes from eleven to 5 in the morning.

How’d that happen you might ask.

Well I was busy relaxing and enjoying my Mom’s cake last Sunday then suddenly my phone rang ( the Gangnam Style ring tone ) Someone wants a rush order of 100 panda theme cupcakes due next Sunday.  Then on Tuesday my Aunt called for a rush order of a cowboy theme cake due on Saturday.  So that is a lot of cake to prepare in five and a half days.

( Obviously, no one reads the ‘ordering instruction’ part of my Cake page. )

And to take the fun out of making the cake my Aunt emailed me a design from the internet that she wanted copied, exactly.  So I checked my email and find the design too bare so I just had to change/add something (because I don’t understand what exactly means)

So here are the sweet fruits of my labor.

100 Hungry Panda Cupcakes

artistic milestones cakes

These hungry panda cupcakes are very original, I designed them to suit the celebrant perfectly, despite the fact that this was a super rush order.  They’re so cute and appetizing and only about an inch tall each.

Artistic milestones panda cakes

The painful part is the construction of the toppers.  1 large centerpiece panda, 20 small hungry pandas, and 100 different kinds of foods : dimsums, burgers, vegetables, breakfast plate, noodles, cupcakes, all the favorite foods of the celebrant.  Each piece was individually sculpted with my two hands ladies and gentleman! In 3 days! Madness! Plus 2 days to bake and decorate and set up the cake stands. Phew!

artistic milestones cakes

Cowboy Cakes

artistic milestones cowboy cake

It’s only one layer so it wasn’t very stressing despite the rush order.  I added the bull badge, the Sheriff Star , the cactus and the wooden sign to the original emailed design to make it more unique.  And I also made a small extra cake for my daughter w/ the leftover icings and cakes.  She deserves it after being ignored for 6 days.  I love making this, I just think having a small version of anything is super cute.  (except Mini-Me, his ugly )artistic milestones cakes

She loved her mini cake, kept smiling for the camera as we sang her favorite song, Happy Birthday. Then poof! it was gone.

artistic milestones

The biggest problem with cake arts is that it takes you days to make but only minutes to evaporate.

Chow everyone!


13 thoughts on “Rush Orders: Hungry Panda and Cowboy Cakes

    • Thank you for browsing thru my posts. This was a panicky moment, I learned not to take this many orders every week because I wouldn’t get enough rest, but I’m so happy each cupcakes turned out great 🙂

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