Hickory Dickory Dock, the Mouse Went Up the Pot ___ Cake for My Dearest Mom

You know what I like most about being a baker? I don’t have to think hard about gifts to give for Christmas, weddings, birthdays etc.  I just simply make a personalize cake and let the cake do all the talking.  But it’s not as easy peasy as you might think.  Making a perfect masterpiece requires a lot of time and thinking  especially if you have a very artsy critique of a mom like mine.

Artistic Milestones

Sometimes I think it’s easier to spend 20000 bucks on a branded bag than 20000 hours making her a cake.

It’s my dearest mom’s birthday this month and I made this cake especially for her. It’s inspired by the Alice in Wonderland movie and my mom’s varied collection of teacups.  I have to admit, a complete 3D cake is very challenging to make compared to layered cakes but I think the effect is so much better in certain designs.  The whole idea of having two mischievous mice was Audrey’s ( my sister) which I think is excellent.

artistic milestones cakes

Lemon Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache.     Fantastic combination of flavors.  My mom is the pickiest-butter-cake-eater-and-critique ever and she love love this.  Not too light, not too dense but so moist and buttery with a hint of lemon then topped with pure chocolate ganache.

audrey's cakes

One of the very best butter cakes.  She finished a big slice plus a cupcake before the main course.  Oh so delish and it was gone within the day.  Mmmm…. I don’t have a picture of the sliced cake but I do have a 2 minutes video of it, please check it out here.

I actually cooked up a short story for this cake while I was making the mouse.  I named the brave mice on top of the chocolate pot Gus the mousketeer and the other one below with a blue ribbon is Jack.

artistic milestones

Gus the mousketeer was so hungry.  He’d risk his life to get a big taste of the chocolate.  “ Hail those who can get into the pot of chocolate, no other mouse can, and no other mouse will.  All for me and few for all! hahaha! “ Gus thought to himself.

artistic milestones

Being vigilant, watchful and hungry, Jack was so excited that his friend Gus had finally reached the pot of chocolate safe and sound… but he thought and thought for it seems that the whole thing was about to fall off…The End 🙂 …

You see, amidst my busy life I still manage to bake, write a post about it and cook up a cute short story haha 🙂  My favorite part of this cake are the pretty roses and the white tray, both are made from pure icing.  So it’s of course edible and delicious.  There were one or two broken pieces on the sides, thanks to my sweetest-tooth-daughter.  Anyways lesson learnt.

I had so much fun making these cakes but I’m so glad it’s all done. PHEW!


27 thoughts on “Hickory Dickory Dock, the Mouse Went Up the Pot ___ Cake for My Dearest Mom

  1. OMG! You’re so good! I can easily imagine this masterpiece took 20000 hours to make…the cake tells the whole story of Gus and Jack 🙂 just wonderfully. I’m sure your mom enjoyed her birthday cake.

  2. Beautiful design carried through perfectly!! There is not a chance in the world that anyone would think this was “easy peasy!” You have an unbelievably AMAZING gift and don’t you let ANYONE tell you otherwise!!

  3. Omg! You are so awesome, Abby! Galing! My jaw literally drop when I saw this. Wow! Great job!

    Belated happy bday to your Mom! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much *blush*, took me a lot of courage to try this one. I got a lot of help from my twin sister 🙂

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