Owl Always Love You Lil’ Sista! Happy Birthday!

Lil’ Sister : Owl Cake, that’s what I want.

Me : No way! Of all the things.

Lil’ Sister : Pleeeeaaasssee!

There are just so many gorgeous owl cakes out there that I was actually very hesitant to make one or try to compete with the cute and perfect but since my sister asked me for an owl theme cake for her birthday this became my new weekend challenge, a unique owl cake. artistic milestones owl cake Making a cake for a fashionista like her was actually very brain draining.  Despite the fact that it is difficult to come up with a unique design, I know that she’s a very meticulous person who loves pretty detailed works.  It is no wonder why her chosen career is fashion.  ( Her clothing designs HERE at Third Culture Shop.com. ) I know she’s not into the cartoony designs.  She likes classical looks.  She’s into laces and ruffles.  Nature lover, Single. 100 lbs, 5’3.… etc.  I have even thought of convincing her that an owl cake is too common.  artistic milestone cakes So anyways, 5 days of planning and preparing  + a weekend to mix, knead, bake and decorate.  Thank goodness I was able to finish this cake along with 6 cupcakes and a mini cake with her initial in the very nick of time. artistic milestones cakes The party was on Sunday noon.  I did the owl’s eyelashes, the cute little snail and some cupcakes Sunday morning as soon as I woke up.   Oh man, the lashes! It was so hard to keep them curled up because the weather was warm, rainy and humid.   Reminds me of the Minion Cake I made last month, I had to make several extra hairs in case of bad weather. To solve the weather problem I worked this out in my car with the aircon turned on when I was about to deliver the cakes, she lives about an hour away. artisticmilestones.com It’s her best birthday cake forever and ever!  I think it even goes very well with the lacy shirt she’s wearing, which by the way, she designed!  A true fashionista she is.  She designs the clothes over at Third Culture Shop. com  Please check out her new website HERE and her new facebook page HERE.

You may view more pics on this video 🙂

The best part is that the whole cake is edible! The main cake is red velvet flavored and the owl on top was made of marshmallow rice crispies covered in fondant.  The little snail is pure fondant.  The cupcakes and small cake were coffee walnut flavored and of course topped with hand carved fondant owls and flowers.


21 thoughts on “Owl Always Love You Lil’ Sista! Happy Birthday!

    • Hi Sha! Haha yes I did, actually I’m surprise myself too. Thanx for commenting and visiting my sister’s online shop 🙂

  1. This IS outstanding! From your description and the photo of your lovely sister, I think you captured her essence well with your cake decorations. You are two very creative sisters!!

  2. I found you at random on George Flores’ blog, and I have to say, your sister is SO lucky to have someone like you. You pay close attention to her tastes, you’re a fabulous baker, and your artistic expression being played out in FOOD is the height of indulgence. I mean that in the best possible way. Loved this whole concept, and I agree, coolest birthday cake I’ve ever seen! With appreciation, Amy Barlow Liberatore, Madison, WI

  3. I Love OWLS, obvious naman kasi that is my blog design heheheh….

    Your cake is really gorgeous nakakahinayang kainin hehehe.

    **BTW it is my first time here allow me to read and stalk your blog. God Bless

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