2nd Birthday Party — Ladybug Theme

My baby recently turned 2 and a Ladybug Party seemed the perfect theme for the occasion since her nickname is “Bug” and what else is the cutest bug of all but a ladybug right?

I spent my whole Saturday making this cake, not the best I’ve ever made but it’s the best rushed-cake I’ve ever made.

Ladybug Cake

We had it at home, a simple last minute planned party, didn’t even had the time to get a nice buntings, we used an old bunting and some post its lol πŸ™‚ (sorry for my blurry pic )IMG_3236 Bought some ladybug chocolates that I stuck all over our wall using scotch tape.

IMG_2957 Here are the cupcakes, only 6 of these existed since I don’t have plenty of fondant left after making the cake.

Bug's Cupcakes Fresh Banana Cupcake

Ladybug cupcake

Fresh Banana Cake

IMG_3001 Charles Lu

I made banana cake because I know my daughter will be eating lots of it, well I believe it’s healthier than any other flavor but that’s just me. Β This cake was pretty much the only dessert that day, the rest were catered food so naturally her only focus was the cake.


15 thoughts on “2nd Birthday Party — Ladybug Theme

  1. Good job!!! I like the bright color of your fondant. Is there any post of your where I can learn a step by step in handling the fondant. I never tried it but really like to learn it. Thanks for sharing…

    • The post it notes were actually my sister’s idea, I was also surprised that they look quite nice too. Thanx so much, always happy to read your comments πŸ™‚

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