Despicable Me : Minion Fondant Cake & Cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how much I hate Birthdays and of course I did not want to celebrate mine.  Well my family decided to throw a party for my twin and I and for some reason I volunteered to make our birthday cake.  What!? Yeah.  So this is the first time in my life to make our own Birthday cake.  Please check out the 2 minute video I compiled about our Minion Cake.

My twin challenged me to make a Despicable Me Minion cake for us. She wanted 2 mischievous minions to remind us of our younger days.

Minion Cake, despicable Me fondant

It was a big challenge because I’m still quite new to fondant making and on top of that I know I had to find at least 10-15 hours free time to make a fondant cake.  Yes that is how long I take to mix & bake 2 butter cakes and make & decorate with fondant and make & decorate cupcakes.


But I’m very happy how our cake turned out.  The above left photo was my graphic drawing of the original plan.  I think it turned out 80% successful.

Abby & Auds Minion cakes

I wasn’t able to make my minion on top hold up a candle because I realized that the candle was too heavy for it to carry and I’m afraid my minion will fall since if you notice it’s already a bit slanted to the right.  Same reason goes for the party hat.

Abby Lu despicable me minion cupcakes

I used leftover fondant from the cake to make these 3D cupcakes. How cute are they ?! 🙂


43 thoughts on “Despicable Me : Minion Fondant Cake & Cupcakes

  1. So, so cute!! YOU are amazingly creative!! But there should definitely be a rule against making the cake for your own birthday. I made mine this year, too, but it didn’t look anything like yours. 🙂

    • Yup I think you’re right, no one should be making their own cake, it’s kind of sad if you think about it haha 🙂 But at least I didn’t eat it myself, many enjoyed a slice of my minions. Thanx for that very flattering comment 🙂

  2. WOW!
    3 Things..
    1. I am glad my Daughters never seen this 🙂
    2. I am not Hungry
    3. You AMAZING at this. I was a baker for a few years as a Kid, THAT! is hard to do…


    • Thanx for that wonderful comment! Yes it was quite hard, particularly, balancing the minion on top that’s why I decided not to make it hold a candle like I originally planned but its great that it still turned out beautiful.

  3. What a fine baker you are! I consider making dinner enough and never go to the effort to make desserts to often. But why not? Did your sister love it?

    • She was surprised that I was able to make this as planned (well at least 80% of it ) 😉 thanx for the complement!

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  6. 80% successful? Bull Twinkie! The results of all your efforts was just fantastic! I’ll be sharing on FB, too! Great job! (And I don’t like to remember my birthdays, either.)

  7. oh my gosh! I was going to pay someone to make a minion cake for my boyfriend’s cake but i really think I may try this! you did such an awesome job!

    • You’re the second person who have said that, I think you should try it! Kindly link back ones you’ve done it I would really love to see it. Thanx so much Brianna, have a great day!

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