Really Tasty Food Art _ You Art What You Eat ( part 2 )

My daughter have regained her healthy appetite 100% but I still continued decorating her food ones in a while just to make her happy.  I had fun too !  These are all very simple food arrangements without any need of special equipments. You may Click HERE for Part 1.

1.  Fried Banana w/ Strawberry Banana Jam
You Art What You Eat

2.  Edible Flowers

Ingredients :  Kiwi Fruit, Scrambled Egg, Bread w/ Cheese, Berries

Mao Bug

3. Armageddon 

Ingredients : Store Bought Paella, Meatball, Cashew Nuts, Ketchup (dots )

artistic milestones4. Companionship

Ingredients : French Toast ( Milk, Egg, Vanilla, Butter, Bread ) , Berries

artistic milestones

5. Tic Tac

Ingredients : Squash, Sunflower Seeds, Green Peas

Mao Lu🙂

My tip on how to make Food Art stress free :

Use whatever food you’re planning to give your kids.  For instance, if you’re planning on french toast for breakfast, use that, Shape it, arrange it, then search for fun garnishes at home.  It could be chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, make a boat out of a slice of melon, etc.  You’d be surprise what you can come up with.

Bon Appetito!


18 thoughts on “Really Tasty Food Art _ You Art What You Eat ( part 2 )

  1. OH MY Your Daughter is a HEART BREAKER!!

    And all I read was French Toast..
    Funny you mention that, these two here (My Daughters)
    Most if not all mornings,…I will set the tone..

    Me: Morning girls, you Hungry?
    Them the same time …. French Toast Daddy
    Then they go away and draw or watch TV

    French toast I love,
    Some good foods there, if it’s ok I have coped them into a .Word to show Dawn, she is always looking at new foods to try them both on..

    Thanks for sharing..

    • Its perfectly fine! I’m so happy you find these useful. Who doesn’t love french toast right? Its a healthy breakfast choice for picky eaters. Thanx Shaun!

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