Birthdays Sucks

Hello everyone, if you’re reading this, then maybe you agree with my title or maybe you’re just one of those people who wants to criticize my life opinions, either way I suggest you get help.  It sucks to agree that Birthdays sucks and it sucks to criticize other people’s life opinions.

So my birthday’s coming up and it SUCKS!  I hate it! Duh! Who doesn’t right?  I mean ever since I turned 24 I hated birthdays.  I even forgot my age on my 26th birthday.  That’s how much I didn’t care about birthdays.  To me 24 years old is almost 27 and 27 is in your late twenties which is almost 30, and 30 might as well be 35.  I’m now turning 32; this to me is about 35, which might as well be 40!  No explainable logic to this, it’s just how I feel about aging.   Now I know why seniors like to talk about the “good ole days”.  I miss the good ole days, particularly when l was still a teen.   When time seems too slow and parents seems too illogical.

A couple of months ago my dad-in-law turned 60, which for me is just the right age to be called a grandpa.  But even at that age he looks young, he could still pass for a 54 and I’m quite sure it’s not because of his diet.  He could finish a large bottle of jam in one day, god help him.  On the other hand, my mom became a grandma when she was only 49, which I think is very lucky.  Being a young grandma/grandpa is the advantage of marrying at 19 and having lots of kids in your 20s.   I guess that’s pretty common during land before time (in the 50s or 60s) wherein our mothers married very very early and have a dozen of kids.

Actually it’s the aging look that’s been bugging me.  Age is not just a number unless you shove your face with botox, plastic surgeries and maybe anti-aging elixirs.   But if I try those will I still come out looking human?  Maybe not.  I don’t wanna risk looking like Cruela DeVille ate Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My mom looks young for her age, perhaps it’s the vitamins that she drinks along with 4 cups of coffee everyday, or her rule of ‘only fruit for breakfast’, or it’s the Tai-Chi exercise she does everyday or maybe it’s the fact that she owns 13 different dogs!  Who knows? Sometimes when we go out, some people would ask us if we’re sisters.  What a huge insult (to me)!   Seriously, one time at a restaurant she ordered a porridge and I ordered a dessert.  When the orders came the waiter gave me the porridge and the dessert to my mom.   What the  #$%&  right?!  So I asked my mom

Me: Ok mom, what stuff are you using?

Mom: Nothing. I’m still using the moisturizer I showed you.

Me: Liar! That’s what I’m using.

Mom: Yours might be expired

Me: ( whatever )

My sister gave me an early birthday present; it’s a face mask as you can see. “Its going to prevent wrinkles, moisturize your skin and ward off evil spirits” she said.  So all I have to lose is 20 minutes of my time a week.  Why not ?.

Masked face

The white lady

Ok if I get good results I’ll write a post about this, otherwise forget it.  I don’t like to criticize online.

So before I start worrying about crow’s feet and feeling extremely old and dusty HEEELP MEEE! What’s your anti aging secrets?


28 thoughts on “Birthdays Sucks

  1. I don’t have or know of any anti aging secrets. But by your face mask picture I would swear you were only 23. Which beats the 24 that is almost 27 that is almost 30 which makes you near 35. So you are good to go!

    • Lol ! then my sister’s right, applying this really is anti aging. I would let it stay for an hour on my face hoping for a more positive effect but it’s kind of hard to laugh with the cement on my face. You should try it Colleen, at the least I think it cleans up every pore on my face.

    • I believe you. There’s just no way of completely stopping the aging process. It’s funny, when I was 21 and starting a small business I remember wanting to look much older just so people will take me seriously. That was the only instant I wanted to look older.

  2. The only solution to ageing is to accept it and get on with enjoying life. The only solution I could think of was to hang upside-down from the rafters to sleep, like a bat, to reverse the day’s effects of gravity.

  3. Sunscreen, drink plenty of water. Smile. A lot. It creates laugh lines instead of those droopy wrinkly things. Enjoy birthdays. It beats the alternative, I’m told. Happy birthday!

    • Thanx for the advice and Birthday wish Patti. You reminded me of how lucky I am to have a kid I can tease everyday. Have a great day!

  4. I have one ageing secret… But it’s for people of my age 😉 However, I’ll gift it so you can use it in the long distant future… Never be afraid to grow old disgracefully 🙂

    Birthdays happen – use them as an excuse to enjoy time with friends rather than to mark the passage of time 🙂

    • Wow that is a beautiful gift of advice Martin. I think this applies to anyone of any age who’s afraid of getting old.
      Love your optimism. Thank you so much.

  5. Kind of what I felt when I turned 40. It is a great age to be awakened though. It helped me realize the things I’m missing and just enjoying them now as much as I can. We can always be forever young in our hearts. Happy Birthday.

    • Thanx for stopping by Island Traveler, I agree with you. I also think a positive state of mind will help us stay younger longer. Oh and thanks also for the Birthday wish!

  6. Happy birthday! I find it kinda funny that you posted this on my 24th birthday so I found myself thinking “so I’m close to being 27 therefore almost being 30” lol! I wish I could give you great anti-againg secrets but so far I can only tell you what works for keeping my skin clear and bright. Water is the obvious. SPF of 30 or more is a must. Proper moisturizing in both your face and neck. Dry skin will lead quicker to wrinkles. And sake! Sake will give you brighter and firmer skin. Hope this helps dear! ^.^

    • Thanx for stopping by with helpful tips Jagi. I’ve read your post about the ‘sake for your skin’ and I’m really tempted to test it. Thanx so much!

  7. It’s well past your birthday, but I think your youth is still very much with you,. If you feel your mom is very youthful, it’s likely that’s your future, too. It’s in the genes! And I feel tai chi (and yoga and meditation) definitely is anti-aging due to the peace-inducing nature. And no daughter wants to be a sister to her mom. 🙂

    • I sure hope I got my mom’s genes 🙂 I know a few Tai Chi moves but I can’t seem to do the meditation thing because I find it so hard to “blank” my mind if you know what I mean. I think way too much. Thanx for the lovely comments.

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