Headline: Milo dies of stroke aged 10

Artistic milestone Milo

Milo, Cooper’s favorite champion Pomeranian, has died at the age of 10 after suffering a stroke, his family has announced.
Abby, his spokesman, said: “It is with great sadness that G** and J** Cooper announced that their pet Milo died peacefully following a stroke this morning. The photo shown was taken just yesterday afternoon by his young master H** Cooper. 

Milo was suffering from a high fever for two days already before he died of a heart attack at about 6am on Sunday, his family confirmed. Milo has been with the Cooper family ever since he was born. He is well trained by the age of 2 years old, and since then he was a real saint.  He follows G** and J** Cooper everywhere they go and he can understand simple instructions.  They take milo for regular veterinary visits and pay extra for vitamins  to prevent future sicknesses however the inevitable has to happen.  According to Dr. D**, Milo’s veterinarian, Milo is old and his diet of fatty meat and too much cheese caused the sudden heart attack.

“Being a pet owner of milo is an awesome responsibility but its also very rewarding and makes us happier people. He will be greatly missed “ says Madam J** Cooper.

This post is for the WordPress Daily Prompt : Ripped into the Headline

Note : This is a true story but all the names here are fake except for my mom’s dog Milo.


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